Why You Should Be Watching Andy Cohen’s Then and Now

Andy Cohen’s “Then and Now” takes a look back at certain years and how the events affected us then and now. The second season of the series began earlier this month. The first season consisted of a 3 part series looking back at the years 1989, 1994 and 2000. The show has also taken a look at 1985, 1990, 1997 and 2003. In each episode Cohen invites celebrity guests to discuss major events and pop culture trends that occurred during each year. Rather than simply a retrospective, “Then and Now” looks at the ripple effect of each year and how it changed our present. The series is an interesting introspective look at the way cause and effect works throughout history and how we live in the present.

Here is why you should be watching Bravo and Andy Cohen’s “Then and Now”.


“Then and Now” is like opening a time capsule. The show looks back on a specific year in history and the fusion of events that took place during that year. Andy Cohen worked for CBS News throughout the nineties so he was directly involved in several world events during that decade. The show provides a nostalgic look at the way life was 15 and 20 years ago. For those who lived through those years, it’s hard to believe how much time has passed.

Pop Culture

“Then and Now” takes a look at pop culture during each year covered. Andy Cohen discusses the fads with stars of Bravo series like “Real Housewives”, newspersons like Willie Geist, Connie Chung and Anderson Cooper, and celebrities like RuPaul, Amber Rose and Isaac Mizrahi. “Then and Now” looks at fashion trends, music, television, the internet and even Wrestle Mania.

World Events

Not only does “Then and Now” discuss pop culture, but delves into important events in the news and world from the specific years. The show covers politics, trials and deaths of celebrities, the Olympics, the Miss Universe Pageant and much more. Watching “Then and Now”, we get to find out where certain celebrities were during major world events and how they were affected.

Ripple Effect

The best part of Andie Cohen’s “Then and Now” is the way it discusses how events that happened a decade or more ago still affect us now or how they have changed the way our world now functions. We can see how things and trends of more than a decade ago are still issues today. Here are some examples of the Ripple or “Butterfly” Effect “Then and Now” talks about.

Looking back at 1985, “The and Now” discusses how MTV, Blockbuster Videos, Live Aid, the Internet and the “Long Island Lolita” is relevant today. MTV and Blockbuster changed the way we watch television and listen to music today such as “binge watching”. Live Aid gave rise to celebrity endorsed charity concerts. The Internet and technology has completely changed how people connect to each other today and how we get information and news. Even Amy Fisher, the “Long Island Lolita” showed how an average girl can rise to quick fame for having an affair with a married man, shoot his wife, and go on to become a porn star.

Looking back at the year 1994, “Then and Now” delves into the how Tonya Harding’s attack on fellow Olympian ice skater, Nancy Kerrigan, changed how news is covered. The show looks at OJ Simpson. The iconic “white Bronco chase” gave us real time reality TV. The football/celebrity’s ensuing murder trial for killing his ex-wife and her friend took over daytime television and led to the demise of soap operas.

1997 brought the tragedy of the former Princess Diana’s death in a car crash while being chased by paparazzi. Average people began to see the fear celebrities face from rabid paparazzi. The tragic incident led to celebrities controlling their own media. Today, celebrities release their own pictures to magazines or post their own pictures on Instagram beating the paparazzi and tabloids to the punch.

There are many more interesting incites noted on Andy Cohen’s “Then and Now” where we see how past events and trends have led to the way we view the world and interact today. “Then and Now” is a fun show to get into over a couple of weeks because it feels like a walk down memory lane with celebrities and television personalities. The show takes it to another level by helping us realize how much the past has sculpted the way we live today.

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