Watch George Lucas Go “Thug Life” on Jurassic Producer in 2015

Here’s a rare treat, we get to see George Lucas go all thug life on Frank Marshall, one of the producers of Jurassic World, back in 2015. From the looks of it this was during the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and a couple of reporters were interviewing Lucas before he went inside or after he came out. Either way he was about to make his way elsewhere when Frank Marshall appears and seems to challenge Lucas by stating that Jurassic World was #1, basically insinuating that the film would always top TFA no matter what. First, Marshall was flat out wrong since TFA smashed Jurassic World at the box office, and second, don’t step to George Lucas like that.

He might have strange character quirks and be reviled some folks for various reasons but there’s still enough to respect about this man that you don’t just throw out a challenge like this and expect it to go unnoticed. I kind of hope Marshall was eating humble pie later on since Jurassic World, great as it was, couldn’t hope to measure up to a franchise that had come before the Jurassic movies and is likely to outlast them by quite a stretch. Plus, you just don’t challenge a man that’s contributed so much to pop culture in this manner, it’s not just rude, it’s kind of stupid.

One thing I have yet to understand in this world and may not ever really get to comprehend is the need that people have to compete so fiercely with one another in terms of who’s the more popular. Who cares? If people buy what you’re selling and enjoy it then that should be enough. If they move on from your story to another one and enjoy it better then so be it. Try harder, do something the competition hasn’t thought of, be more entertaining, but don’t go around to your competitors stating that your product is better and will always be better. That’s a good way to look like a chump, especially if your product tends to get overshadowed by the same person you talk smack to. I would kind of think that a man of Marshall’s status and age would be a little more mature than this but obviously my expectations would be a bit too high.

George Lucas isn’t perfect by far but he knows that he created something that was worthwhile and despite what Disney’s done to it thus far, he can still claim all the credit in the world for having given birth to something unique and so wonderful that it’s been enjoyed by multiple generations. There’s not a lot that can be done to kill Star Wars for good in my mind, as it would take a monumental effort to lose every fan of the franchise overnight. In fact I’m still a fan of Jurassic World despite Marshall’s ill-advised attempt at one-upping Lucas, but the upcoming Jurassic Kingdom film is giving me the feeling that things might be headed in a southward direction for that particular franchise.

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