The Voice 6.22 Recap: Top 10 Live Performances


For some reason I’m not as into Season 6 of The Voice . Maybe it’s because I really enjoyed last season or maybe I’m having trouble accepting Usher and Shakira as coaches after Xtina and Cee Lo. Either way, it’s been a pretty good season, I just can’t get too too into it.

Last weekend, we went from 12 contestants to 10 with the dismissal of Dani Moz and T.J. Wilkins. Last night, the final 10 performers sung their hearts out hoping to survive tonight’s elimination show. Here’s how it went down:

Kat Perkins (Team Adam): This week Team Adam got a little help from Graham Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash (pretty cool eh?). Perkins chose to sing ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac. Kat has a very nice voice and the coaches were clearly emotionally moved by her performance. Kat isn’t my favorite performer, but I think she might be safe tonight.

Tess Boyer (Team Shakira): With the help of busbee (we don’t even know who that is) during rehearsals, Tess takes on Paramore’s ‘Ain’t it Fun’. It’s a well-executed performance with no technical errors, but it doesn’t take Tess to the next level. She’s clearly going to be on the chopping block tonight.

Audra McLaughlin (Team Blake): It was a nice week for Audra. Blake gave her a guitar and she rehearsed with Scott Hendricks. Audra chose ‘You Lie’ by Reba McEntire. Audra clearly stumbled out of the block, which might cost her a chance to advance. She finished very strong – strong enough to get love from the coaches. Audra should be safe.

Josh Kaufman (Team Usher): Josh, Usher, and Usher’s helper Natural work on ‘This is It’ by Kenny Loggins. Josh didn’t perform to his capabilities on this song and we say that only because Josh is a talent and this song didn’t give him an opportunity to wow. He’s probably safe, but he’s better than what you saw.

Christina Grimmie (Team Adam): A very unique song choice by Levine here. Grimmie is performing Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’. Even though I’m not a Drake fan, I like the song from a different performer. Grimmie actually crushed it. The coaches sung her praise and I think she’s a lock to move on.

Jake Worthington (Team Blake): Blake Shelton once again shows why he is the star of the show during Jake’s rehearsal. His song choice is ‘Run’ by George Strait. Unfortunately, country songs are very difficult to WOW people with. I like Jake, but I think he’s clearly one of the performers going to be eliminated.

Bria Kelly (Team Usher): Bria decided to perform Avril Lavigne’s ‘I’m With You’. Unfortunately, she massacred the song. No doubt it’s a tough performance and she’s a talented person, but this was not good enough to move on. Her emotional ending won her sympathy points, but the performance was not good.

Delvin Choice (Team Adam): Mr. Choice chose to sing Gary Clark Jr.’s ‘Bright Lights’. Delvin crushed it. I thought his voice and the performance was on point for this song. The crowd responded, the coaches really enjoyed it. I expect to see Delvin next week without a doubt.

Kristen Merlin (Team Shakira): Kristen was as solid of a performance as any last night. She sang Passengers’ ‘Let Her Go’. I really enjoyed the performance and think Kristen can go places in the show. This was her best performance on the show today – see going away from country works!

Sisaundra Lewis (Team Blake): Sisaundra has been the leader in the clubhouse on the show for a while. I thought the same thing about Matthew Schuler last season, but this show seems to favor women. Anyway, she performed Steve Perry’s ‘Oh Sherrie’ and just proved what we already knew – she’s the top performer on the show. Great performance, she’s in for next week.

So we move on to tonight’s elimination show – Our guess is Bria, Tess and Jake get the axe. Who do you think?

[Photo via Trae Patton/NBC]

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