10 Things You Didn’t Know about Vinette Robinson

Vinette Robinson

Some people stumble upon their careers, and that is what happened to Vinette Robinson. She never thought of becoming an actress until she did poetry in her English Class. The teacher had Vinette, and her friend in the Speech and Drama Festival for which they won an award; thus, Vinette realized she was good at acting. Since then, the actress has won many awards and is bent on focusing on her career even if it means putting her romantic life on hold. Here is everything else you need to know about the actress.

1. She got to play an iconic character in “Doctor Who.”

Racial discrimination may not be as prevalent as it was back in the day, but “Doctor Who” took its audience down the memory lane with one particular episode. Fans of the show immediately took to twitter to show how pleased they were that the writers had not washed down the legacy of Rosa Parks, whom Vinette played. Rosa was a civil rights activist remembered for her refusal to give up her seat for a white passenger at a time when blacks were supposed to do so immediately the bus began filling up. Rosa was arrested, but her protests led to the racial segregation in buses coming to an end.

2. She is single (as of this writing)

The actress is not in a hurry to become a wife nor a mother. Her dating life has been quite secretive, and although she has been spotted with other actors, none of them have captured her heart yet. Although she has an active social media presence, none of her updates include anything about her romantic life.

3. Her net worth

Vinette has been in the television industry since she was 17, so her fortune should be quite massive by now. As of 2019, the actress has a net worth of $12 million, which has been obtained from her various roles in film and television. According to the Celebs Closet, Vinette earns at least $45,000 per year from her acting career, and since she is not slowing down any time soon, the millions are bound to keep on increasing.

4. She comes from a humble background

Unlike actresses like Zoey Deschanel, who went to expensive schools, Vinette never thought she would ever afford the life she has now. Still, every dream is valid, and the actress has worked hard to get out of the life she had in her childhood. Her father was a builder while her mother was an office worker, which meant the family income was not much to live on, but her parents did everything they could to give her a comfortable life.

5. She studied at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic arts under a scholarship

Despite growing up in a humble home, Vinette worked hard at school, and that landed her a scholarship to study drama in the prestigious Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts. She admitted that it is very hard for someone with her background to afford the expensive tuition fees for drama school. However, luck came knocking on her door because, at the time, the Drama and Drama Awards existed, and that was what allowed her to follow her passion. Since then, she has worked hard to make a name for herself in the industry, and her efforts have been handsomely rewarded.

6. She will never allow her skin tone to appear darker than it is

Actors will go to extremes to portray their characters in the best way possible. For instance, Idris Elba endured three hours of a makeup process to capture the look of Krall on “Star Trek Beyond.” Helena Bonham Carter had to go through five hours if the makeup process to appear as Ari in “Planet of the Apes.” While all these actors look great in their respective roles, Vinette told Telegraph she would never change her skin tone to appear darker than it is. Her reaction was in response to Zoe Saldana being made to look darker for her Nina Simone character, but it backfired because even Nina’s family disowned the movie.

7. She believes there is yet to be equality in the industry

Vinette says that although the disparity in the industry has been downplayed over the years, she still knows the problem in inequality persists. It is not just about the difference in pay that male and females actors get; it is also about the characters. The actress revealed that some of the chances women are denied are all because they are female. She hopes one day, women will not have to choose between raising a family and pursuing their careers.

8. She made her start in theater

Like most actors, Vinette began her acting career in theater performances. She loves being on the stage more than on set because, according to her, the rehearsals create a more cohesive world. She, therefore, kept auditioning for roles in plays even after making her career on television because she feels more at home on stage. Unfortunately, it took a long time before she made her way back to the stage, but eventually, she did with “Albion.”

9. Her ideal character

Although Vinette has been lucky to land many roles in plays, the one character she hopes to play one day is Isabella in “Measure for Measure.” As she told The Stage, Vinette is fascinated by Isabella’s uncompromising and dogmatic nature. “Measure for Measure” is a play that was written around 1603 by William Shakespeare. It is referred to as a problem play with dark comedy. When Vinette talks of Isabella’s uncompromising nature, she must admire how Isabella refuses to sacrifice her virginity to save her brother’s life.

10. She cannot sing

Some actors boast of being double or triple threats, but Vinette is not multi-talented in the artistic field. She admitted that she cannot sing and inherits that trait from her mother. However, her grandfather worked in a men’s club as a singer; hence her uncles and aunts grew up singing. With that in mind, the actress may miss out on opportunities that involve singing. Other actresses have become successful thanks to their singing talents; Lea Michele of “Glee” is a great singer, and Ryan Murphy wrote Rachel Berry with Lea in mind.

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