Video Explores What It Was Really Like To See Star Wars In 1977

Video Explores What It Was Really Like To See Star Wars In 1977

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A lot of people might have guessed that Star Wars would eventually become an epic someday, but back in 1977, it’s likely that people had no idea just what would happen. But it’s obvious that a lot of folks couldn’t help but be enchanted by what they saw on the big screen since the original movie ushered in an era in which the sci-fi genre started to boom and the movies that came after had to struggle to keep up and overcome the following that Star Wars had gained in such a short amount of time. The fact that there was anyone that didn’t like the movie or thought that it didn’t deserve the popularity that was heaped upon it is kind of funny to be serious since looking at things now it’s likely that the movie’s detractors might have felt that Star Wars would be little more than a fad that people might forget eventually. A little over four decades later it’s still perfectly okay to laugh since Star Wars has moved well beyond the days when it had to have a theater refurbished so that it could be shown, and has become a franchise and an epic unlike many that have ever come along. The fact that people would still line up before the pandemic to watch a Star Wars movie is evidence of that.

Going to see this movie for the first, second, and many times after in the theater would have been a serious treat for those that came to love it, and even back then it would have been worth it since there were no other movies like this one. But just imagine if someone had predicted that Disney would one day buy out George Lucas. It’s likely that people would have laughed uproariously since the mere thought wasn’t even considered up until it finally happened. Back then as it was noted in the video there were many people, young people mostly, hoping for something that wasn’t too gory or hard to understand but was well above the fare that Disney was producing at that time. While Disney movies are all well and good for the family or used to be just for family and kids, there’s always been only so many cute and cuddly movies that people could take. Finally getting something different was a huge deal to a lot of people that were looking for something that could keep them entertained, and as the movies continued to roll out one couldn’t help but think that Star Wars would be an idea that would last for a while to come.

Looking back now it’s easy to sit and laugh about how some folks thought it would be a passing phase and nothing more, especially since the franchise is worth billions now and is one of those that has already outlasted several smaller ideas that came and went during the time it took Star Wars to get really big. This franchise has been one of those that has managed to change the way we look at things in such a big way that imagining what it would have been like had anything been done differently or if George Lucas would have scrapped it in frustration is nearly impossible to do. Even thinking about what would have taken the place of this franchise is hard to do since there’s not a lot that people can really come up with that would have been able to fill the spot that Star Wars has taken for so long. Imagining what George Lucas would have gone on to do if he hadn’t developed Star Wars over the years is just as difficult, and it’s easy to wonder if we would have seen his other movies come into play as well. For a long time now Star Wars has been a huge part of our culture and has influenced many a story throughout the years as many books and movies have taken elements from this story and turned them into something that has been able to spark the imagination and keep people looking for the next big thing that might come along.

Those of us that can remember the movies from back in the day, before they were remastered and before things took on such a huge upswing, can’t help but be impressed and overjoyed that it’s lasted this long. The franchise has certainly changed over the years, but the fact is the Skywalker saga has been one of the most entertaining stories of all time, and it’s only one part of Star Wars since much more is still coming as the galaxy is being set to open wide for more and more stories that need to be told. Just imagine what’s coming next, and how much it’s going to change the franchise in the years to come.

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