The Vampire Diaries 5.14 Review: “No Exit”


This was the episode we’ve all been waiting for since Katherine first hijacked Elena’s body in The Vampire Diaries‘ monumental episode in January.  Finally Katherine slipped up one too many times and Elena’s friends are onto her.  I have a feeling the best is yet to come, as we only have about a hundred questions about everything that’s going on, so the fun of piecing together answers has only just begun.

First off, we have Damon the Ripper.  He’s not as bad off as Ripper Stefan, because after all Stefan did coin that term himself.  Wes infected Damon with the virus that would make him a vampire cannibal which is only problematic when he’s trapped in a house with his vampy “best friend” Enzo.  (I use that term loosely because I still think Alaric is Damon’s only best friend.  I miss Ric!)  Enzo gets a free pass to leave with Wes, who suspiciously only needs one more thing from him, and then he’ll be free of his experiments for good.  Whatever that entails surely can’t be a good thing.

Enzo isn’t actually a bad guy, as he does call Stefan and Elena to alert them of Damon’s current predicament of being trapped in a spell-bound house by those pesky Travelers.  After Katherine fails to seduce Stefan in a motel room, she schemes up another plan to get Damon out of the picture for good.  When she and Stefan show up to help Damon, she actually succeeds in making him feed on her almost to the point of no return.  As Damon’s slowly killing her, Katherine kicks a stake towards Stefan so that he’d have to kill Damon to save her.  We all know Stefan could never do that to his brother, so he does the next best thing and lures him away from Elena with his own blood then proceeds to snap his neck.

While all this is going on, Nadia is still waiting for the vervain to leave Matt’s system.  Just as it appears he’s clear and ready to be compelled to forget everything again, he uses his charming blue eyes to work some magic of his own and distract Nadia long enough to send one last text alert to Tyler.  She’s fast to catch him, but not fast enough before he’s able to send the “Help K” message.  Caroline and Tyler are quick to arrive and save Matt, with Tyler even getting one good bite in Nadia.  Werewolf bites can kill vampires so it appears Nadia isn’t long for this world.  The only known cure is Klaus’ blood, but I highly doubt anyone will care enough to tell her.  Not to mention the fact that Klaus wouldn’t give her the time of day given that she’s the daughter of Katherine.

Stefan and Caroline really end up saving the day when they solve the mystery that Katherine is in Elena’s body.  Matt’s text plus Elena’s strange behavior lately put in perspective clued them into what’s really going on.  The big question now that the “Kat is out of the bag” is how will they be able to save Elena?  Earlier in the season when Matt was inhabited by a Traveler, he was only freed when stabbed with a special blade, but I don’t know where that blade ended up.  Nadia may be the only one who knows where it is, so it’s possible that she may bargain that knowledge for any advice on a cure for a werewolf bite.  She is the daughter of Katherine Pierce, so it seems logical she’d even betray her own mother in order to save her own life.  If not, then mother and daughter will finally be able to spend the rest of eternity together on the Other Side.

So what’d you think?  What are your latest theories on Damon’s virus and the whole Katherine/Elena body swap?

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