“Once Upon A Time” Is Finally Coming To A Close

“Once Upon A Time” Is Finally Coming To A Close

“Once Upon A Time” Is Finally Coming To A Close

There are many shows spanning various networks that have long lasting and continual support and appreciation. They viewer ratings and the storylines allow for them to stand the test of time, even if it seems to lose its appeal after a while. One of these shows that has been able to stay on the air for quite some time is that of ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”, which has been depicting the “real stories” of fairytales for the past seven years. Unfortunately for fans all over, it was announced this past week that after this season, the series will indeed be ending. Although many will miss the show, there are a good deal of people who wonder how the show has been able to continue on for so long. Whatever the case, we are here to let you in on a bit more detail regarding the cancellation, and what to expect for the end of the seventh season of the show.

Cast Member Contracts

For the majority of the main characters that graced the series, their contracts ended after the sixth season of the show. While many of the producers and others involved with “Once Upon A Time” were hoping for an eighth season, the decision to end the series did not come as a surprise to very many.

Time Slot Change

Another big factor that played into the cancellation of the show (or so we assume) was the decrease in ratings. This is an aspect that can determine the life or death of a series on any network, obviously, and when “Once” moved from its prime time slot on Sunday nights to that of Friday nights, their rating drastically decreased, regardless of how many Disney and other fairy tales lovers there are out there.

It Was Just Time To Go

In all honesty, the show ran for a great deal of time. As we have mentioned, it has taken the course of seven seasons and over 150 episodes that have captured the attention of audiences everywhere. However, there comes a time when it is best to hang up your cloak and call it good. This was the feeling for the majority of the cast and crew as the announcement was made, as they realized it was a sad occurrence, but the show had an excellent run on the air for so many years.

As we see the show come to its final ending, we can’t help but hope that there may be some sort of spin off series or sequel that comes from the show. With the never ending plot holes and characters galore, it creates the perfect opening for another fantastically unique show that wins the hearts of fairytale lovers everywhere. “Once Upon A Time” is set to come back for the second half of its seventh season on March 2nd (after the Winter Games wrap up), and will conclude the series sometime in May. We hope you tune in to watch the conclusion of this amazing series, and that you will cherish all of the years that “Once Upon A Time” gave us as well.

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