Unproduced Bruce Lee Script “The Silent Flute” is Becoming a Series

Already this idea sounds like something that might have been loading up for a while, but might also cause a lot of people to wonder if there are time travelers among us, or if people were actually able to tell the future. The Silent Flute, a story that was concocted by Bruce Lee, has to do with the fallout of civil war, fires raging across the face of the world, and a pandemic that has wiped out a good portion of humanity and has left a broken world where all forms of fighting have been outlawed. The protagonist is a naturally-talented fighter that must learn as they go in order to become the best possible fighter they can be in a world that badly needs balance and sounds like the type of place that many people might think our world is currently headed for due to the many different struggles within society that we see on a day to day basis. Developed by Lee decades ago the script remained unfinished at that time, but as of now it’s going to be picked up again and finished off in accordance with what Lee might have wanted to see in terms of an ending. It’s hard to say that this will be the overall vision that Lee had, but it does sound like something we’ve seen before at first, though there could easily be elements within the story that people aren’t being made privy to at the moment that could easily create something that will be entirely unique and therefore in keeping with Lee’s original vision that might bring forth something that people will marvel at.

The lone warrior trope has been popular for a long time since it’s been the feeling of one individual against the world, one soul against a world filled with dangers and uncertainties, and it speaks to a lot of people in terms of the story and the overall feeling of being isolated when dealing with the world. But there’s also the idea that one voice can speak out against injustice and an imperfect world and create a great deal of interest in those that are tired of being broken and beaten down. Some might also say that it’s a giant ego trip in thinking that one warrior against all is a perfect way to show off the toughness, the skill, and of course, to avoid sharing the spotlight with as many people as possible. There are those out there that would state that as a performer, Lee had more than a bit of ego that was involved in quite a few of the things he did. There might have been, but the work that he put in and the legend he managed to create buffered Lee from a lot of this criticism since he was thought to be just as impressive as the characters he played in the movies, and it’s likely that this script would have seen him displayed as every bit the impressive warrior as he always was if he’d lived long enough to see it happen. Unfortunately, Lee passed in 1973, so the script was tucked away and never finished, and it’s likely that few if any people even knew about it until now.

Over the years his legend has only grown as more and more people that have discovered anything about Bruce Lee have either come to criticize the reality of his skill or have continued to idolize him as one of the greatest martial artists to have ever lived. But the fact is that he was skilled in a few ways when he was alive, and apparently writing was one of them. While parts of his legend have been taken and co-opted by those that want to sell movies and make people believe that Bruce had to struggle through intense adversity, the truth is that he came from a very comfortable lifestyle, and while it’s very possible that he had to deal with a good amount of racism and negative response due to the time period he lived in, he also became a legend in his own time and a movie star that would eventually grow even more popular after his passing. The Silent Flute sounds like it might need a bit of work to really appeal to the audience that it will seek to entertain, but the bare bones at this time sound as though they’ll be easy enough to work with. It’s the fact that it was something that Bruce Lee came up with that’s going to excite a lot of people to start with. After that, it will be up to the people that end up finishing the story to make certain that it will be a positive part of Bruce’s legacy. We’ll see what happens, but hopes are definitely high.

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