The Twilight Zone Reboot from Jordan Peele Gets a Go From CBS All Access

The Twilight Zone Reboot from Jordan Peele Gets a Go From CBS All Access

Many of us have fond memories of being frightened out of our wits as children, watching re-runs of the popular series “The Twilight Zone.” This was an immensely popular series for those who enjoyed getting a good scare. Sometimes the episodes just left you feeling odd. Rod Serling was the original host. He had a way of presenting each segment, so it challenged us to wonder if there is more to life than we can actually see with our natural eyes. This was a show that became a classic television series. It presented the inexplicable and made us question what could be possible. Are there really other dimensions that co-exist right beside us?

Original series

The original television series made its debut in 1959 and ran through 1964. CBS has recently made the announcement that it has given producers the go ahead to move forward with the project. Finally, the reboot is on and will feature Jordan Peele in the place previously occupied by the late Rod Serling. Here is what we know so far.

Three producers instead of one

Chosen for the production of the new and reinvented version is Jordan Peele. He will be joined by Marco Ramirez and Simon Kinberg. Each of these men bring the professional experience and expertise to make the reboot a go. CBS is confident enough in their abilities to turn them loose on the project. The development of the reboot is in capable hands with Peele of “Get Out,” Ramirez with “The Defenders” and Kinberg of “X-Men,” they have the right kind of experience to know what they’re doing.

A tough act to follow

The producers know that they’ve got some big shoes to fill. Serling was the master of set-up as he offered introductions that prepped viewers in advance for what was to come. At the end of each episode, he consistently asked thought provoking questions which directed us back to the intention of the film. It made us wonder and we absolutely loved it.

A slow start

Several previous attempts have been made to bring the show back in a reimagined form, but none were truly successful. There was a one year run from 2002 to 2003, but it didn’t catch on as hoped. Peele has the opportunity to give this one all he’s got, now that CBS is optimistic about the chances for success. We’re all hoping that it delivers a similar impact to the original. Peele believes that he’s up to the challenge.

What we can expect

Peele is widely known for his comedic deliveries, but we are not certain whether we’ll see an infusion of humor into the reboot or not. In fact, not much information has been released. What we do know is that it is intended to offer the combination of horror, science fiction and fantasy. From the sounds of it, the reboot will incorporate all the same elements of exploring human nature as well as offering a social commentary. With Peele at the helm, we would expect a humorous spin on this, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Projected timeline

There has been no announcement of when cameras will start to roll. It’s still early in the development process, so it could take some time. We’re looking forward to hearing more about when filming will begin. Until then, keep an ear to the ground for any breaking news.

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