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Legends 1.08 Review: “Iconoclast”

Legends is bad. I actually dread reviewing this show. It’s worse this week because it actually opened with a cool recap of last week and gave me false h

Legends 1.07 Review: “Quicksand”

I don’t know how many more ways I can write a Legends review. Every week (save for a merciful, mirage-like two week oasis) has been truly terrible. Not

Legends 1.06 Review: “Gauntlet”

In the first episode, I said the thing that drew me to Legends was Sean Bean, and that still holds true. Every line of dialogue, poorly written or not, is inf

Legends 1.05 Review: “Rogue”

Remember how I said Legends had taken “great cinematic strides?” This episode was total garbage. Total and complete garbage. I’ve watched a

Legends 1.01 Review: “Pilot”

The thing that drew me to Legends was Sean Bean. Being a huge fan of his work in the past, I was more than excited to see him take a role that didn’t in

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