Trying to Conjure up a Live-Action Darkwing Duck Movie

When trying to conjure up a live-action movie about Darkwing Duck the first question would probably be ‘why?’. It’s not so much that it wouldn’t be a good idea, but more that it would seem to be leaping ahead of several other cartoons that were far more popular and had the distinction of coming first. Ducktales seems like it would be a priority first, as would Talespin or Rescue Rangers, or even the Gummi Bears if someone could generate enough interest. Darkwing Duck was an attempt by Disney to make yet another Saturday morning or afternoon cartoon for kids to enjoy, and when compared to the others that had come before it achieved at least some success. But putting it on the big screen seems like it would be a monumental task for anyone that could see such a movie as a possibility.

The cartoon features its own lineup that would need a few mid-level stars at least, though getting anyone that’s well known enough to do the voices for each part might not be possible unless the director could find a reasonable solution. The voice of Darkwing Duck/Drake Mallard would almost have to be taken by someone that could be convincing with a funny voice, perhaps Bill Hader or someone equally as amusing. The voice would have to be comical but also somewhat weak and strong at the same time since Darkwing had a very high opinion of himself even though as a crime fighter he was kind of a bumbler. He would get defeated more often than not and would only win through some form of luck and with the help of his friends. As a hero he had no powers and relied heavily on gadgets, so in truth he was kind of like Batman, only not nearly as cool or as tough. But he was funny to watch since he really did try his best.

His only real sidekick that anyone remembers was Launchpad McQuack, the pilot that could rarely take to the air without coming in for a crash landing at the end of each flight. Perhaps Seth McFarlane could provide an adequate voice, while the rest of the characters, meaning villains and fairly regular characters that appeared, could be given mid-level stars that are good at what they do but need experience to really hone their skills. The plot would almost need to be centered around an origin story since few if any people really remember Darkwing Duck at this point. He was a fun character and became part of the block of cartoons that Disney touted out to kids, but he didn’t carry the same kind of following that other toons did for a while. The director for this particular movie would need to be someone that has experience with cartoons to start with, and could easily adapt their thinking to the world of Darkwing Duck.

Honestly this seems like something that Jon Favreau could take over and make into something great. He’s had success with live action cartoons in the past, so why not give it a try?

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