10 Things You Didn’t Know about Troy Zarba AKA Zarbruh

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Troy Zarba AKA Zarbruh

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Troy Zarba AKA Zarbruh

If you’re old enough to remember the days before social media took over, you probably remember that popularity used to be something that really only applied to school. However, times have really changed. Thanks to the Internet, teens (and almost anyone else) can now gain popularity by posting on social media. This is something that 18-year-old New York native, Troy Zarba has taken full advantage of. Best-known by his username, Zarbruh, Troy has become practically famous thanks to his presence on Tik Tok. His comedic videos have earned him a massive following, and his numbers seem to be climbing daily. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Troy Zarba AKA Zarbruh.

1. Someone Allegedly Leaked Nude Photos Of Him

Unfortunately, being popular also comes with its downsides. There will always be people who want to knock you off your pedestal, and Troy Zarba has just experienced this first hand. Recently, nude photos that allegedly belong to him were leaked onto the Internet. The images quickly caused an uproar and made Zarba the topic of discussing all over the web.

2. He’s A Foodie

Not only does Zarba appreciate a good meal, he’s also somewhat of a food connoisseur. He really enjoys trying all sorts of different types of foods and sharing his meals with his followers. He also likes experimenting with dishes of his own and created the perfect ice cream sandwich using two Eggo waffles.

3. He’s A Skater

Just because Troy Zarba has made a career out of being on his phone doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Skateboarding is one of his favorite things to do and he loves to skate through the city.

4. There Are Lots Of Fan Fiction Stories About Him

The internet can be a very strange place. If you’ve ever gotten lost in a rabbit hole of information, you know this to be very true. Zarbruh is officially associated with that weird part of the internet thanks to fan fiction. Troy’s followers have written several fan fiction stories about then and some of them are pretty interesting to say the last.

5. He’s A Soccer Player

Despite being a social media sensation, in many ways Troy is like other kids his age. He is a high school student and was a member of the soccer team. According to a local newspaper article, Troy is “a three-year varsity defender, anchors the backline for the Bellport boys soccer team. He also has the ability to create plays for himself and others”. His coach also referred to him as one of the “cornerstones” of the team.

6. He Has Over 150 Million Likes On Tik Tok

Since being on Tik Tok, Zarbruh has gained 3.3 million followers. He also has over 150 million likes. However, he never expected to get numbers like that. Zarba says, “I was bored and it looked like something I could get into because I like making videos. And it’s something that’s grown into something crazy.”

7. He Likes To Go Fishing

People who watch Troy Zarba’s videos would probably never guess that he likes to fish. He usually has so much energy that the thought of him sitting quietly in one place may seem like a long shot. However, Zarba actually loves fishing and it’s one of the activities that he and his friends enjoy doing together.

8. He Loves The Beach

Living in New York means there are only a couple of months out of the year that are considered beach weather. Troy Zarba likes to take full advantage of those months. He loves hanging out by the beach and also enjoys surfing.

9. He Doesn’t Entertain His Haters

Having a large following on social media also comes with a lot of haters. Troy Zarba has had to deal with more than his fair share. But despite the negative comments he receives, he seems to take it all in stride. H likes to keep things positive and focus his content on the things he wants to share. He has yet to speak out about the alleged nude photos of him, but there’s a good chance he may not even acknowledge it.

10. He’s Really Into Fashion

Troy Zarba has a serious interest in fashion and he loves expressing himself through his clothing. He’s got a knack for putting together dope outfits and likes to share his taste in clothing with his followers. He has an entire highlight section of his Instagram stories dedicated to his outfits.

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