10 Things You Didn’t Know About Trishala Dutt

Trishala Dutt is the firstborn daughter of Sanjay Dutt and the late Richa Sharma. Although her parents were celebrities, she did not want to ride on their fame, thus chose to go in a different direction. Trishala thus became an entrepreneur, establishing her company, Dream Tresses, which sells hair extensions. Her father, on the other hand, was in prison since May 2013 but was set free in February 2016. Although their relationship has not been smooth, they still hold each other in high regard. Here is more about Trishala.

1. How her parents met

Sanjay Dutt had seen Richa Sharma in magazines and was his celebrity crush. As luck would have it, they ended up doing a film together, but they never bothered with dating each other then. Still, Sanjay was determined to court her; thus, he got her number, but Richa kept rejecting him until one day she decided to give him a chance. They fell in love and got married in 1987 after receiving blessings from Richa’s parents, who live in New York.

2. Her mother kept her estranged from her father

Sanjay and Richa separated, leaving their daughter to stay with her mother. Unfortunately, Richa did not care about telling Trishala about her father; instead, she told her daughter that Sanjay was her uncle. Sanjay, therefore, revealed in one interview that he was angry with Richa because he felt it was her duty to keep his memory alive in their daughter’s heart. He even told Richa that if the situation were reversed, he would have ensured that Trishala knew her mother.

3. She likes being an independent woman

When Trishala was interviewed by Hindustan Times, she said that she would only get married after her career picked. She explained that although she expects her future husband to provide for the family, she is not the type to stay in the house attending to chores while the man does all the work. Trishala, therefore, said that marriage would wait despite her father thinking she was ripe for settling down. To the entrepreneur, securing a future for her children was more important.

4. Why she wanted to do Bollywood films

Trishala and her father have disagreed on many things, one of which is her wanting to join the Bollywood film industry. Sanjay Dutt was against it, although Trishala’s motivation was to be close to him. However, looking back, she thanks him for discouraging her because she later learned that he was saving her from an eventual heartbreak. According to her, the industry is male-dominated, and the women who manage to become actresses do not act for long. She claimed that at most, the actresses work for ten years and then are forced to take a break as new faces replace them. Her father also knows the struggle that females go through in the industry and does not want the same for his daughter.

5. The most romantic thing her late boyfriend did for her

On July 4, 2019, Trishala took to Instagram to announce to her fans through a heartfelt message that her boyfriend had passed away. She kept sharing beautiful posts about her late boyfriend, and when she conducted a Q&A session, someone asked her the most romantic thing he ever did for her. She responded that he once stopped in the middle of them preparing dinner, and carried her to the living room. He then played “I Only Have Eyes For You” and asked Trishala to dance with him.

6. She was wrongfully trolled for not wearing a mask

Trishala recently decided to post a throwback picture of herself in the streets of New York wearing a yellow dress with a thigh-high slit. Although she captioned it with #TBT, one of her followers missed that and went ahead to slam her for not wearing a mask. The fan said that Trishala should use her common sense, especially since she is a doctor, questioning Trishala if she wants her father to weep for her as she cried for her late boyfriend. However, Trishala told the follower to read the caption properly and get her facts straight.

7. She struggled with low self-esteem due to her weight

According to Inuth, Trishala used to be overweight, and it caused her to have low self-esteem and suffer from social alienation. She consequently tried losing weight through shortcuts such as fasting and detoxifying, but it only worked for a while before the weight returned. The entrepreneur decided to try working out, thus lost the unwanted pounds. She has since maintained a healthy diet and exercise routine that entails daily walks, exercising five days a week for half an hour, cycling, and swimming. Trishala also has a regular sleeping pattern.

8. She is closest to her aunt

With her mother gone and growing up without her father around, Trishala found solace in her aunt Enna. She describes the woman as her hero, saying that aunt Enna has given up so much for her that she would not have a problem laying down her life for the older woman as a show of gratitude. Trishala, therefore, prays to God every day, thanking Him for blessing her with aunt Enna.

9. She is against actresses who use plastic surgery to enhance their looks

In 2015, Trishala underwent nose surgery, but it is not clear if it was cosmetic or for medical reasons. All the same, her father was granted parole to be with her during the operation. In 2016, the entrepreneur showed how much she dislikes plastic surgery through a picture posted on her Instagram. According to Indian Express, she sarcastically captioned it that Candy would be ready to join the Bollywood film industry after 8-12 weeks when she will have recovered from her breast augmentation and lips injections.

10. Her father did not want custody of Trishala

When Richa was lying in the hospital bed dying from cancer, her parents told Sanjay that they wanted to keep Trishala. At the time, he slammed them, saying they should not bring up the topic since Richa was not dead yet. However, after she died, he said that he did not want to have custody of his daughter; Sanjay instead wanted to be granted the right to see Trishala whenever he wanted.

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