The Transformers Season 1 Intro Remade In Stop Motion

When people think of the Transformers, they don’t always think about the movies. Younger individuals may not have anything else to base their thought processes on, but older people likely remember the cartoon that aired roughly 30 years ago, give or take a couple of years. Many people were avid fans of that cartoon and openly admit that the whole franchise has lost a step since the movies came out.

Recently, someone that is obviously a huge fan of the original Transformers decided to painstakingly recreate the intro to season one with stop motion, utilizing toys from Hasbro and other companies. Most of these are the original toys that were made back when the cartoon was so popular. Even though that intro is relatively short, imagine how much time it takes recreate every second of that in stop motion. Obviously, the person that decided to do this is a big enough fan that it was deemed to be worth the time.

This is no small task, to say the least. In addition to taking a fair amount of time and then some, this is a process that is very slow and tedious. Every detail has to be exact. Most people simply don’t have the patience for such things. In order to see this in a video, you instantly know that the person responsible for it has a great love for the original Transformers cartoon. Otherwise, this video would never have happened in the first place. While it’s nice to see someone that has enough passion and patience to do something like this, it’s equally nice that something from the childhood of older adults can be remembered so fondly. For many people that have been around long enough to remember the original cartoon, it brings back memories of a simpler time when things weren’t so complicated as the world has become today. For that reason alone, this video is worth seeing.

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