Breaking Bad 5.17 – The Ultimate Happy Ending

breaking bad finale

One complaint about this week’s series finale of Breaking Bad was that it was too “happy.” I guess it means you show is pretty dark when your main character is dead, broke and alone by the end, in order for that be considered “happy.”

What the ending was is satisfying, which is different. Walt got to redeem himself with both his family and Jesse, killed all those he needed to kill and yeah, he died, but he died a better man, not a monster.

But what if the show REALLY had a happy ending? What if there was one more epilogue episode to wrap everything up? Well, it might look something like this.


Flynn turns 18 and gets his trust from the Schwartzs. After using a fraction of the $9M to pay for college, he gets a business degree and opens up chain of breakfast restaurants. He drives a limited edition Dodge Viper to work every day.


Marie finds Hank’s body through Walt’s ticket and is able to give him a proper burial. Shortly after, she finds out she’s pregnant. Years later, their son grows up to be one of the foremost geologists in the world.

badger skinny pete

Skinny Pete and Badger do some peyote and stumble around the desert where they find a rock with a swastika on it. In their stupor, they think it’s calling to them and they start digging, discovering the lost $80M fortune. They invest in Flynn’s restaurant chain making it a nationwide phenomenon.


Jesse adopts Brock and uses some of his squirreled away drug money to go to college. He ends up getting a degree in chemistry, and goes on to become a teacher like his former mentor.


Saul moves to Belize (literally) where he starts practicing law under the name “Paul Buenoman.” Eventually Huell learns it’s safe to leave the room, and joins him in South America.

Breaking Bad 5.17 – The Ultimate Happy Ending

Skyler trades Hank’s location for immunity, finds Walt’s old lab notes and continues his legacy by supplying the great state of New Mexico with even more pure blue meth.

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