Trailer for “Yardi:” Idris Elba’s Directorial Debut

Trailer for “Yardi:” Idris Elba’s Directorial Debut

There’s not much on Yardi at this moment aside from the fact that it looks interesting and is set to be Idris Elba’s directorial debut. A lot of actors seem to be taking this route these days and it’s almost a call to those directors still in the game to stand up and take notice. It’s not so much an effort by those that are trying to break into the field to replace them, but it certainly seems like the actors are starting to see the light of ambition and are making the transition as a way to further their goals in the film industry so that they might leave behind a legacy that isn’t just visible onscreen. So far Logan Lerman is thinking of getting into directing one day and Olivia Wilde has also begun her bid for the seat of director. Now it’s Idris Elba and there’s nothing to say that more actors won’t be stepping across the line eventually.

Yardi looks like it could be something worth watching since it appears to be the story of a young man that attempts to live a life worth living before he’s drawn in to a life of crime that begins to conflict with those around him in a most violent way. Like it was mentioned above there isn’t much on the film as of yet but the trailer drops a few decent hints that this could be something that happens and it could be an important plot point in the movie. This is a formula and story that’s been used before in many movies but it almost feels like this particular plot hasn’t been seen in a while, at least not in the manner that it seems to be filmed.

The trick for anyone, new director or old, is to bring the material forth in a way that people will be willing to watch since it will allow them to relate to the characters in some way and possibly sit and soak up the story for the next two hours. Bringing out old, tired material again and again might still draw crowds but it certainly won’t please them in the manner that’s needed to continue making films in the same old way.  People want to be wowed, they want to be given something that’s either going to make them think or make them sit up in their chair and really pay attention. They want to know that there will be someone to root for even if it’s not clear whether or not they’ll be rooting for that character to succeed or fail.

As the director Idris Elba isn’t proven yet but so far from the trailer this movie seems like it could get him on the right track and moving towards a successful career in the director’s seat. A lot of actors have that ambition early on but never really get there until later in life. More and more are starting to realize that if they want to direct instead of just act in the movie then the time is now rather than later.

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