Trailer for New Netflix Series “Katla” Looks Interesting

Netflix is welcoming all comers at this point and considering that it looks as though Amazon might be buying up MGM, it’s the wise thing to do to stay strong in the streaming game. Katla already looks like it might confuse the hell out of some people and gross others out while entertaining the lot of them at the same time. Taking a look at the trailer kind of confirms the brief synopsis that’s already been laid out, as the idea that a subglacial volcano erupting will unleash several unknown elements onto a nearby town is enough to get a lot of people interested. Katla sounds like a story that one might have heard decades ago and has stuck ever since until finally reaching the small screen, where hopefully the representation will be good enough to entertain and impress people. Stories such as this tend to come along and inspire a lot of copycats if the story itself isn’t one of them, that quickly saturate the market and make it next to impossible to really enjoy those that have any substance to them, no matter that every story has a right to be told. Katla appears to have a pretty decent budget though so it shouldn’t be too hard parsing it out from the other movies that might come along and attempt to take on this type of appearance. It’s very easy to admit that the formula is easy to see when watching the trailer, but the manner in which it’s presented is enough to get a person thinking that it might be a lot of fun and could be an interesting story that might creep people out in just the right way. When bringing an ancient element into it there are a lot of things that can be done to make a movie appear a little more enticing, but it’s often the movies that tone it down just a hair that manages to keep that attention for longer than it takes the trailer to run.

Think about a movie such as The Thing when trying to understand how Katla and other projects might be in the right when they tone things down. Sure, John Carpenter’s movie went crazy with it and eventually grossed out a lot of people or terrified the hell out of them. But he didn’t start the movie with much and he didn’t go so over the top from the beginning that people started thinking that things were about to get silly. Movies that start out in a manner that makes a person try to guess what’s happening are usually a lot more entertaining since the audience doesn’t feel as though they’re being given everything while being told to enjoy it, they actually have to pay attention in order to understand what’s coming and what they’re about to see next. So far Katla appears like the type of movie that might offer a lot of build-up and make a person wait for the payoff, but there’s a good chance that it will be worth it since by the time things start happening the audience might either become impatient or relaxed enough that they won’t really expect the sudden thrust of the movie as it’s revealed.

From the trailer, it does appear that this movie is going to be something that people will be interested in, but it’s also likely that a lot of people will move right by it simply because it doesn’t have any notable actors that they’ll recognize. Sometimes it’s best to go beyond what we recognize and get out of our comfort zone since there are a lot of gems out there that are just waiting to be watched. Stories about ancient elements that are buried just beneath the surface of the earth are usually a pretty good way to get people on board with the idea since even if they’ve been told more than a few times there are always other locations to use and other scenarios that can be concocted if the writers are capable of switching gears and coming up with new ways to present the material. At some point, it’s fair to say that any writer might be hard-pressed to create something entirely original when it comes to certain subjects, but when it comes to things coming up from beneath the earth there are a LOT of stories that can be told again and again since people are often entranced with the thought that even if science is slowly but surely discovering more and more about the world we know, there’s bound to be a lot that people still don’t know since even with science, there are definite holes in human knowledge when it comes to the world around us. So yeah, Katla looks like it will be worth a look.

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