The Top Uses of Foreigner Songs in Movies or TV

Foreigner’s name is kind of ironic since three of the founding members were British and the other three were American. They formed the band in America in the mid to late 70’s and became one of the best rock and roll groups on the scene not long after. They’ve gone through their growing pains and have let go of a couple of their group in the decades since they formed. Their sound hasn’t changed much in all that time however which is great since they’ve recorded some great classic hits and managed to become a part of pop culture that gets referenced every now and again in movies and TV. They’ve even been made part of video games and commercials as the years have gone by. Like a lot of bands they’ve had their ups and downs but they’ve managed to stick around long enough to become known and loved by a lot of fans.

Here are some of their most prominent songs in pop culture.

5. Rock of Ages-Waiting for a Girl Like You

If this film has one definite message in it then it would be to never stop believing that things can and will happen so long as you keep pursuing your dream. The life of a rock star isn’t meant to be easy or simple to attain. It’s a very hard, mean industry that will beat a person to a pulp until they finally make it, and even then they need to stay at the top of their game.

4. Lip Sync Battle-Hot-Blooded

This show is just awesome. Nowhere else, except maybe on The Tonight Show, is there a spot that allows actors to just get down and enjoy themselves while lip syncing the songs of famous artists. How good they do depends on how well they know the song obviously but most people tend to know the songs they’re singing fairly well, which means it’s an impressive showing.

3. Orange Is The New Black-I Want to Know What Love Is

Love in a women’s prison doesn’t seem like love you might want, but then again there’s something to be said for solidarity in a place where life is designed to be difficult. Few people go to prison for doing absolutely nothing, but despite what each woman on the show did, and some of them did some very messed up things, they find a way to band together.

2. The Flash-Cold As Ice

This show seems to get a lot of flack now that the Justice League has cropped up on the big screen. But honestly seeing how horrible it did maybe the show will get its reputation back since it’s obviously drawing in more fans than the movie did. After all it at least panders to the fans and gives them what they want unlike the movies have been doing.

1. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Lip Sync Battle)-Jukebox Hero

You wouldn’t think that Jimmy Fallon would be able to belt this song out so well, but of course it’s a lip sync so it’s not like he’s singing the words. But honestly he’s getting into it enough that it’s highly entertaining and worth watching.

Foreigner is still a popular band, and for a good reason.

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