The Top Five Rage Against the Machine Songs Ever

Rage Against The Machine is an edgy, sometimes confrontational rock band that made a huge impact on their way in and also made no excuses as to their very brash method of calling out various components of American culture. They were an answer to those that needed something extra in their lives during the 1990’s and became a strong and very influential voice in the music world that people locked on and became enamored of early on. Unfortunately in 2000 the band split and front man for Soundgarden, the late great Chris Cornell, was called in to fill in the gap. The band became known as Audioslave up until they disbanded 2007. Not long after this the band started back up as Rage Against The Machine. During this time they started doing more live shows and continued to spread the word through their music that had made them so popular in the 1990’s. Since 2011 they’ve been on a long hiatus, but it’s a big hope of fans that they’ll make another return. At this point things don’t look like they’ll go that way since two of the members went off to form another band with Chuck D and B-Real.

Rage Against The Machine was a heavy-hitter not long ago though.

5. Sleep Now In The Fire

Rage was all about spreading a message that worked against the machinations of big business and stoking the fires of unrest among the people when it came to greed and the overreaching grasp of the government. They were never shy about voicing what they thought about such institutions and in some ways even spat in the face of everything that went into such conquests.

4. Guerrilla Radio

The band never went toe to toe with a subject they couldn’t shred or fully display in their music and they were fully ON whenever they were going to take on the subjects of their songs. They didn’t shy away from calling out those that they thought were fake or in any way so heavily swayed by commercialism. They were in effect the revolutionaries of their era.

3. Testify

A lot of their songs have to do with the matter of control and who has it. They didn’t bow to most people and didn’t tone down their music in an effort to appease people. There’s no doubt that eventually they had to draw a line somewhere but more often than not it would appear that the line was drawn by the band and the dare was to see if the other guys would cross it.

2. Bulls on Parade

The band actually got kicked off stage while performing this song live since they hung two inverted US flags off of their amplifiers. They weren’t at all shy about showing just what they thought and did what they wanted on stage. If there were consequences they paid them and went on. Rage Against The Machine was about as hardcore as it gets with their messages.

1. Killing In The Name Of

This song is just what it sounds like since it rails against the many iniquities of American culture. It’s mean to provoke and shock those that listen to it into thinking for themselves. Rage Against The Machine, like I said already, were never shy about getting their message across.

It’d be nice to see another reunion, but that time seems long since past.

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