Deadpool 2 and Celine Dion Team up For Memorable Music Video

Deadpool 2 and Celine Dion Team up For Memorable Music Video

It’s hard to think that this would be possible, but Deadpool and Celine Dion seem to have come together to make a very memorable music video. Who would have thought that this would have been possible a while back? Anyone?  To be honest with his level of unpredictability it’s not too far out of left field to see Deadpool doing something like this, especially since his proclivities towards things that others might see as girly or in any way less than masculine are fairly well known. He’s kind of the jack of all trades when it comes to the weird and the strangely elegant elements in life.

But Celine Dion is classic when it comes right down to it, she’s the type of singer that you’d want for an epic tale like Titanic or something, not necessarily a foul-mouthed mercenary that can take a hailstorm of bullets and then bounce back in relatively short order. Her voice is indeed classic enough and great enough to do just about anything, but offering her talent up for Deadpool is kind of like pushing an 11 to do the job of a 5, as Wade states that he needs in the end of the clip. And if you know anything about Celine Dion you’d know that she just doesn’t do a 5. Her voice is on 11 most times or it’s simply not on. Even if she’s sick or not feeling up to it, her voice is going to be the absolute best she can give and nothing less. For Deadpool though she might be just a tad too much since he’s really more about campy love songs and hard-hitting beats that lend themselves more to his style.

Of course, it was mentioned that Deadpool is kind of odd and likes to flaunt the weirdness right? So it could be that Celine would work for the movie no matter that she’s way over the top for it and would probably be kind of odd to see on the soundtrack list. That wouldn’t stop her from giving her all, but it would definitely be a shining gem on the list or an oddity that would still fit in just perfectly. It’s a bit strange that such a thing would still work in a movie, but with Deadpool it’s a giant hodgepodge of anything and everything goes at times since that’s just the way the character is. Come on, the guy is living with a blind woman and has no compunctions about a lot of things so long as they don’t involve killing the wrong person or doing something that he simply doesn’t want to do. In other words Deadpool’s a pretty open guy.

Give it to Celine though, she doesn’t take guff from anyone, proving that she’s just as awesome as her voice sounds. If Deadpool wanted someone that could dial it down to 5 he might have been better off going with someone like NSYNC like he said. Or maybe Miley Cyrus could have dialed it down a bit. She would have fit with the movie a little better probably.

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