The Top Five Orcs in Movie History

The Top Five Orcs in Movie History

The Top Five Orcs in Movie History

They’re ugly, they’re smelly, and they live for one thing alone, to cause trouble. In any movie you find them in orcs are usually very nasty characters. Every so often you might find that they can be the hero, but these that play such roles are usually far different in appearance than their more brutish cousins that appear hunched over, dark, and very foul in appearance and demeanor. Orcs don’t take a lot of different forms in films largely because their very nature seems to be that of roughened, hardened individuals that are forced to live hard, exacting lives away from other civilizations.

Here are the top five orcs in movie history that are worthy of note.

5. Durotan – Warcraft

The young chieftain of the Frostwolf clan is unlike many orcs you might see in the movies. He’s a calm, level-headed individual that does not simply desire conquest or war. Instead he cares deeply about his people and their safety and is a true leader that wishes to protect those under his charge. He is as fierce as any in battle and won’t hesitate to defend what’s his, but he’s not the typical orc simply because he likes to think and consider things before acting.

4. Garona Halforcen – Warcraft

Garona’s name literally means “cursed” in the orcish tongue. She is a half-breed that was taken as a slave by her own people and eventually became an ally to Stormwind. Possessed of a fiery temper and a strong arm she is perhaps one of the greatest allies to have but a very hot-tempered individual to be around. Being a half-breed she is smaller and somewhat weaker than the full-blooded orcs in Warcraft, but she is no less determined.

3. Lurtz – Lord of The Rings

Lurtz is really only half-orc since he was a product of Saruman’s tampering with the creation of a new species. This is a hybrid of human and orc it is said and much, much meaner and far more aggressive. Lurtz was the commander of this new force of uruk-hai and was responsible for the death of Boromir right before Aragorn took his head from his shoulders.

2. Bolg – The Hobbit

The son of Azog, Bolg is one of the most treacherous and toughest of the orcs in this film. Originally he was written as being killed in very different circumstances, but fans might enjoy the fact that in the film he met his end at the hands of Legolas instead. It seemed like a very simple but satisfying death to a fiend that was finally due for some payback.

1.Azog the Defiler – The Hobbit

The pale orc was perhaps one of the worst of all the orcs ever featured in film. He was all about the death and destruction of his enemies and spared no one from his wrath. The epic fight between him and Thorin however came to a head in a way that movie goers were kind of expecting, but it was definitely not the same death as he originally experienced.

There aren’t a lot of notable orcs in movie history, but these are some of the most famous.

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