The Top Five Moments of Yukon Men

The hit Discovery television series “Yukon Men” delivered tall in the sixth season. If you haven’t tuned in yet, you’re missing out on an intense reality show that gives you a taste of what it’s like to forge a life in the Yukon. The intensity of the lives of the families featured is a radical departure from what the average city dweller experiences. What would it be like to watch wildfires plow through half a million acres of nearby wilderness? What is life like when you live in a tiny remote village that struggles to keep themselves remote in the face of expansion and forward progress? Sure, it would solve the problem of meager food supplies, but perhaps this is a fair exchange for the inhabitants who want to maintain the lives they’ve built in the solitude and serenity of the Yukon.

Here are the five top moments of Yukon Men.

1. Wolf Pack Threatens Tanana

In the Yukon, wolves pose a very real threat to the lives and food resources of the people of this small remote village. In this episode, Charlie is tracking a pack of wolves on his snowmobile. With the decreasing food supply, it is necessary to eliminate the threat and this Yukon man is taking action to protect himself and the community.

2. The Road to Tanana

In this episode of the series, residents of Tanana get the news that a road to connect Tanana, Alaska to the rest of the world has been approved. Community members gather to discuss the changes that are coming. They know that their way of life is about to be altered. There are reasons why the residents have chosen to live in this remote village and they definitely do not welcome an invasion of strangers into their town.

3. The Lost Art of Spear Fishing

Winter is coming fast and Charlie knows that once the river freezes over, finding fish for food will be more difficult. In this episode, he resorts to the old Inuit method of fishing. This scene gives us a good look at what it takes to survive in the Yukon. Charlie’s goal is to harvest a hundred pounds of fish for his mother before the river becomes too solid to penetrate. Prior to the coming of a road connecting the towns, people in Tanana can’t just run to the grocery store.

4. Meet Stan’s Sled Dogs

In this behind the scenes episode we get to meet the dogs who pull Stan’s sleds. If you’re not from the Yukon you may not be aware that these dogs can make the difference between life and death in the harsh environment. Powerful, strong and capable, these animals have the ability to pull their owners across the frozen tundra and transport them and supplies via a sled.

5. Father Son Competition

The Zurays and the Wrights engage in a little friendly competition. You’ll enjoy this episode that shows that the Yukon Men know how to have fun even though the life that they’ve chosen is filled with hard work and battling harsh elements. It’s a big deal to be the best shot because if you live in the Yukon, you must be able to hunt your food successfully. This clip gives us a look at one of the lighter moments in the show.

If you haven’t watched an episode of Yukon Men, you’re missing out. A peek into the lives of these hard core survivalists will make you appreciate the local grocery store along with all of the modern conveniences that you have in your home. There’s just something about these guys that is so darned admirable.

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