The Top Five Melinda Dillon Movie Roles of Her Career

The Top Five Melinda Dillon Movie Roles of Her Career

For those of us that might not be old enough to remember her entire career we might recall seeing her most on A Christmas Story since for Melinda Dillon it was a memorable role and one that people love watching. She has a very motherly way about her and was in the industry for quite a while before her retirement in 2007. She was able to hold onto a very long and storied acting career and made it a very successful one and yet a lot of people don’t seem to remember her except come Christmas. In all honesty she’s been in some of the most iconic movies of all time, though of course those too get forgotten after awhile.

She’s a classic though, and she’s the kind of person you can easily see being a worrier and a mom figure to a lot of people.

5. Harry and the Hendersons-Nancy Henderson

A film about Bigfoot is nothing new but giving him a new name was something kind of unique. Plus, someone just happening to run into him was kind of a different lean on the legend. Of course bringing the creature home might not have been the best idea since even if Bigfoot happens to be a nice whatever he is, the chances are good that a single house won’t contain him.

4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind-Jillian Guiler

This was one of the most popular movies even when I was a kid, though to be honest the popularity was mostly due to nostalgia at that point. I’m betting a lot of people have visited the locations where the film was shot at least once or twice in their lives just to say they’d been there. In fact there’s a well known fact that Devil’s Tower in Wyoming was used as a filming location.

3. Magnolia-Rose Gator

If you watched this film and got confused don’t feel too bad, it happened to a lot of people that were trying to find some cohesion within the movie. It does have a plot and a premise that allows each part to go along in a single story but it’s tough to find if you don’t watch it from front to back and don’t miss out on that much. It was an interesting movie, kind of.

2. Reign Over Me-Ginger Timpleman

A man loses his family in the 9/11 tragedy and ceases to function as normal. One day that man is bumped into by another man that remembers him from college. What he finds out is that man is no longer the same person he used to be, and is haunted by what was lost. Even his in-laws can’t fully grasp how messed up he is, largely because he doesn’t even know.

1. A Christmas Story-Mother Parker

By far one of her best roles it allows her to be the strong woman supporting the home and the sensitive mother that’s trying to raise her boys in one manner or another. This is definitely the role that most people remember her in.

Whatever role you remember her playing, she was one of the most underrated actresses ever.

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