The Top Five Jim Cantore Storm Coverage Moments of All-Time

The Top Five Jim Cantore Storm Coverage Moments of All-Time

The Top Five Jim Cantore Storm Coverage Moments of All-Time

Jim Cantore is well-known meteorologist that has made a name for himself by reporting on major storms and documenting their effect for the public. He’s had a very impressive career and has most notably been seen to report on several very serious hurricanes that have made landfall in the US. He admittedly started up as a meteorologist right out of college and has been doing it ever since. Jim is a person that absolutely loves his job and sees himself doing the same thing until retirement. That kind of dedication to a job such as this is awesome to see and there’s no doubt that he’s one of the best in the business.

Here are just a few of the hurricanes that Jim has covered.

5. Hurricane Sandy

At the time it hit Hurricane Sandy was one of the most devastating Atlantic storms to ever hit that region of the US. He was already on site waiting for the storm to hit as he was calling the shots. What he was saying was hard to believe at that time, but what came after was something that no one would be able to deny once Sandy hit in full.

4. Hurricane Katrina

Katrina was one of the biggest ever hurricanes on record that hit the US. Its devastation was so great that entire communities were nearly wiped out and the flooding that came after caused massive property damage and displaced a great many people. Cantore was there to see the effects and to report on the damage he saw happening, much as he always is.

3. Hurricane Joaquin or Andrew

Joaquin was a cyclone that hit primarily in the Bahamas and was yet another damaging storm that did a great deal of harm and killing around 34 individuals before it was played out. It was one of the more devastating storms and holds a record since those 34 souls that were taken were at sea during the time of the storm. It also cost around $200 million in damages.

2. Hurricane Mitch

This hurricane actually blew its way through Honduras and Central America before reaching the Bay of Campeche, where it revived shortly before hitting Florida. It seems scary that a hurricane can weaken and then be revived, but it is a testament to how cruel Mother Nature can be at times. The hurricane might have died out had it remained centered in Central America, but as we already know these things tend to move.

1. Hurricane Bonnie

Bonnie developed from a tropical wave off the coast of Africa in 1998 and it made its way across the Atlantic until it finally struck North Carolina. It caused massive crop damage and even more so to homes and communities. It did more than its fair share of damage considering that the overall cost was around $1 billion dollars, which in any era is a lot of money.

Jim Cantore has been able to report on each of these storms in the past and has brought people up to date information while he and his crew have at times been caught in the storm itself. The guy is simply amazing and genuinely cares about those he reports on.


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