The Top Five Goldie Hawn Crying Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Goldie Hawn Crying Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Goldie Hawn Crying Scenes in Movies

Goldie Hawn is, let’s say it, a golden goddess. Her best years might be behind her but man when you relive the past she was one of the absolute best actresses in show business that has ever been. And why? She could do just about anything, and crying was just one of her skills. She could make your heart break for her when she started in with the water works and not understand why you were doing it. Her level of skill onscreen was such that you really felt for her character no matter if she was the meanest woman in the world or if she was just someone trying to make her way through a life that no longer made sense. Goldie Hawn was that woman that you wanted to grab hold of and protect, comfort, or just sit and laugh with all day because she seemed that awesome.

Kurt Russell is a lucky, lucky man.

5. Banger Sisters

Suzette wasn’t ready for the party to stop even though it stopped a long, long time ago. Her friend moved on and made a family and everyone else just kind of went forward while Suzette stayed behind and kept the party rocking until finally it was over. She didn’t get bitter or try to take out her frustrations on anyone but she did need a little help in making the transition.

4. Death Becomes Her

First she cries because Ernest leaves her for her friend, then eventually she cries because Ernest is presumably dead. She had to dig deep to summon up a truly vengeful woman for this role and it played out just as it should have, she nailed it by barely trying. Of course it’s kind of thankful that this wasn’t the normal role for her, since normally she’s quite sweet and a lot stronger.

3. First Wives Club

I do believe a lot of people would be crying their eyes out as they rode a window washer’s platform all the way down to the ground, or close to it. This would be a thrill ride that some people might want to go on next and would make other people wish for an extra pair of undergarments at the end. All in all though the movie wasn’t too bad, especially with these three ladies as the main leads.

2. Snatched

Goldie Hawn has certainly aged. It’s been a long time since her earlier roles, we all get that, but her looks kind of went downhill after cosmetic surgery and just the slow progression of years as they went by. In this film she and her daughter, played by Schumer, get kidnapped and have to find a way back to their hotel.  What ensues after that is both funny and kind of strange.

1. Overboard

Joanna is the worst kind of person when the movie starts but by the time this scene rolls around she’s almost the perfect mom and would do anything for these kids. Leaving them has to be the hardest thing she could ever do, and it shows on her face.

Give it up for Goldie Hawn, she’s had an awesome career.

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