The Top Five Fictional Biker Gangs in Movies

Biker gangs in movies tend to get a bad rep since they’re usually very violent and have few if any redeeming qualities. But the upside is that they tend to be extremely colorful characters that come off as a very impressive sight in any film and that people tend to relate with on some level. Some of them might be a bit of a negative stereotype but there are others that work hard to preserve the culture and the idea of freedom that comes with riding. In the real world bikers can effect positive change in their communities or they can be among the worst sort that many people would never choose to associate with. In the movies it’s pretty much the same way, but all too often they’re seen as rebels that don’t wish to conform to society and therefore are considered as less than desirable to have around.

Fictional bikers however tend to be either comical or worse than their real-life counterparts.

5. The Lords of Flatbush

The Lords of Flatbush aren’t technically a motorcycle gang but they prefer motorcycles as their mode of transportation and they are a gang, albeit of just four guys. They rumble, they act all tough, and they’re the stereotypical hoods that people have grown used to in the past when it comes to gangs. The trick however is that at least one of them is very intelligent, one of them is kind of a follower that’s allowed to hang around and the other two are the genuine tough guys.

4. The Black Rebels

Johnny is the kind of bike that simply rebels because he can. There’s no rhyme or reason for what he does aside from his feelings for Kathie. When his gang and another gang start wrecking the town he goes after Kathie to protect her but is nearly beaten to death due to a misconception on the part of the townsfolk. Eventually he’s exonerated, but he says goodbye to Kathie since he knows that he’ll never change.

3. Del Fuegos

Some bikers seem to think that they’ve got the market cornered on calling themselves a gang and living the life of freedom. It’s not entirely wise of weekend warriors to think that they’re just a touch or dedicated as a real biker but the freedom of the open road and the exhilaration of that bike thundering beneath you is a feeling that more than just bikers can understand. The Del Fuegos were a very big stereotype.

2. Wild Hogs

This is what can happen when you give a yuppie a motorcycle and let them design their own jackets. It’s one thing to go around town and act like you’re a part of something that is local and kind of a fun thing to show people. But it’s another when you pose as an actual gang around real bikers. A lot of them might not react too kindly to such a thing and could take great offense to it.

1. Satan’s Helpers

So that’s really all it takes to avoid being killed by a gang of vicious bikers? Dancing to Tequila? I’ll have to remember that the next time I walk into a biker bar and try to do, well, anything.

Bikers can be dangerous, but in the real world they’re less of a stereotype and more of an interesting culture to observe.

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