The Top Five Christopher Walken Movie Roles by Order of Weirdness

There’s not much else you can do but smile and laugh, sometimes with vague unease, when Christopher Walken goes weird in movies. There’s something so unnerving about the guy that it’s easy to consider it as being cool to the point of being something unique. His manner and his words are at times hard to really comprehend as being something that a person might say, but his delivery is such that you can’t help but be in love with the guy after watching him. He’s a great actor and one of the only ones in the world that could possibly get you on his side by being a borderline psychopath in the movies.

Just listening to him talk is hypnotic sometimes.

5. Joe Dirt-Clem

Just to make sure people are one board, just because the movies he’s been in didn’t do much doesn’t mean his part wasn’t great. Joe Dirt has reached more of a cult classic status than anything, but Clem, ah Clem, he was absolutely awesome for the short period of time he was in it. He was like the aging New York gangster that desired the life but knew he couldn’t go back since he’d be taking his life into his own hands. But he was undeniably tough for all that.

4. Balls of Fury-Feng

This had to be one of his craziest roles since who in the world would have ever thought that Christopher Walken would ever play the role of a supposedly Asian figure who was in fact not even Asian? Obviously his name and his surroundings were all a front, but considering that the movie didn’t get a lot of likes there’s a good reason why no one really rallied to call his role whitewashing or appropriation.

3. Annie Hall-Duane Hall

Picture this, a guy that has just admitted to you that he thinks about swerving into the wrong lane while driving is the guy that’s going to drive you to the airport. He even goes into great detail about how the explosion would occur and what it would be like with each passing second as the wreck just gets worse, and worse, and worse. Yeah, that’d settle your nerves for a nice drive in the rain wouldn’t it?

2. Communion-Whitley Streiber

Even without the alien sightings Whitley is a character that’s kind of out there and not fully grounded. Maybe that’s why the aliens picked him to torment, or study, or do whatever, since he’s not entirely there and they want to know why, or they want to know what makes him special from everyone else. It would certainly make sense to pick someone that doesn’t operate on the same wavelength as everyone else.

1. The Deer Hunter-Nick

To be honest from the beginning of the movie to the moment when Nick and the others are forced into playing Russian Roulette, he’s pretty normal and down to earth. But once they escape and things just keep happening you can see him start to wig out the movie goes along. By the time this scene comes around he’s fully gone, out of it, and doesn’t care what happens any longer, just so long as it ends eventually.

He’s a weird guy sometimes, but Christopher Walken is a king of the big screen.

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