The Top Five Asian Horror Movies of All-Time

People have a tendency to love horror films and it’s easy to understand why. After all, there are few things more exciting than a good thrill when the level of fear can be controlled. That’s why people have a tendency to flock to these types of movies, just as they enjoy going to theme parks and riding roller coasters. It gives you that opportunity to feel a certain amount of fear, yet you know that everything is basically okay because for the most part, the fear isn’t real. It’s just enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and give you that rush that so many people love to feel.

It probably won’t surprise you to know that Asia has basically cornered the market on horror films. A lot of people think that the United States has a monopoly going on when it comes to horror movies, but that isn’t true at all. Asian countries have produced some of the best horror films of all time, and five of them are listed below. If you’re not familiar with some of them, be sure to check out the links associated with each title. It might be time to find a new movie to watch over the weekend.

1. Ringu (1998)

If you think the title of this movie sounds familiar, you’re not mistaken. There’s another Asian film entitled Ring, and there is the United States adaptation of these films entitled The Ring. All three movies deal with the same issue. There’s a strange video tape and anybody that watches it ends up dead, complete with their faces frozen in horror.

2. Ju-On: The Grudge (2002)

This is a rather creepy movie that seems to play on the typical fears most people have. In the film, you’ll find dark legends, strange places, and people that go missing, never to be seen or heard from again. Of course, you also have the creepy association with water and people becoming convinced that they’re being chased no matter where they go. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if there really is anything on the other side of that door or coming up the hallway or if it’s just in the mind of the individual on camera. If you want a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you jump a few times to boot, this is a good choice.

3. The Eye (2002)

This is an interesting take on horror films, one that really hasn’t been done a ton of times before. In the movie, a blind woman goes through a state-of-the-art operation designed to give her back her vision by replacing her corneas.The problem is, as she recovers she begins to see things through the eyes of the individual who the corneas initially belonged to. Things get rather dark and interesting from there, eventually leading her to the person that caused the death of her cornea donor.

4. Shutter (2004)

There are few things more frightening than the thought of taking a photograph and having a bunch of weird images show up in it. That is, unless it’s looking at a photograph that was taken long ago, one that you’re quite familiar with, and then realizing one day that something new is showing up in that picture that definitely wasn’t there before. You know bad things are going to happen when this kind of thing is going on, which is the entire premise for this movie.

5. Audition (1999)

This movie centers around a rather disturbing idea to begin with. A man’s wife dies and his child encourages him to remarry. However, everything is conducted around auditioning the new perfect wife. Before long, things go from bad to worse and you end up not really knowing who’s on the side of right and wrong. It’s definitely one that’s worth checking out and it just might leave your head spinning a bit.

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