Parks and Recreation 3.05 “Media Blitz” Review

Should I review the episode or should I make like Ron Swanson at a typewriter and just type every word I know? I think I’ll review the episode. (I don’t even own a typewriter, nor do I know how I’d be able to upload that to the site for you to read…)

I love(d) Party Down. I miss Party Down.

I love Adam Scott. I missed Adam Scott…until he showed up on Parks and Recreation at the end of last season.

This is his seventh episode as a member of the Parks cast, and he’s spent much of the previous six in the background. He was there, he was funny, (in particular, his deadpan glances at the camera have been phenomenal) but he wasn’t prominent, likely due to the size of the main cast. Tonight, that changed.

America, meet Adam Scott.

The Harvest Festival needs some promotion, right? Of course! The main story follows Leslie, Ben and Tom as they perform their media blitz. Their first stop is on the radio show Crazy Ira and the Douche, two guys who don’t have much to offer the Pawnee radio waves save for jokes about farts and your mom. Plus, they use Altavista. (I was very glad that Ben addressed the towns use of the search engine later in the episode.) Crazy Ira and the Douche found out, thanks to Altavista, that Ben was a failed mayor at 18. This catches him off guard, and he’s reduced to a stammering mess, his best work to this point on the show. Leslie does her best to get a few words in about Harvest Festival (“fun meets awesome meets agriculture”) but the hosts and callers just want to talk about Ben’s past.

His second television appearance of the day went even worse, and he embarrassed himself to the extreme, flipping out on Perd (host of Ya Heard With Perd) and asking “who hasn’t had gay thoughts?” and “is there a bird in here?”

A third television appearance begins just as badly, but then he’s finally able to stand up for himself, saying that everyone does stupid things when they’re 18, and disproving those saying he bankrupted many towns by pointing out that the towns he went into were bankrupt until he got there, they were better off when he left. This episode was his chance to shine, and that’s exactly what he did.

The two B stories each added to the episode and kept everyone else involved. Chris and Ann sit down and talk about their relationship, which was long overdue. April decided to torture Andy and have him run around doing things she didn’t want to do, with no real intention of actually reconsidering a relationship like she told him. Ron decided to help Andy along the way, and then actually was the one to convince April to stop the games. This was a new side of Ron, as he has said in the past that he doesn’t like to know anything or get involved in that sort of thing. He really must like Chris, and I hope he does, because the two are great together and I’d love to see more of them. It couldn’t have happened any sooner; she really took advantage of him and it was getting on my nerves a bit. She kisses him in the end, so it looks like they’re back together.

The episode was called “Media Blitz,” but “Adam Scott’s Welcome Party” seems just as appropriate. Grade: A-

More funniness:
“Seems like 18 is young for a mayor. What were ya, 12?”
“Fortunately the Leslie mobile is an all-terrain vehicle!”
“I don’t wanna lose April. I would never be able to find a worse assistant.”
“It’s art. Anything is anything…Sad floor.” “It does look sad, kind of. Sorry for stepping on you, floor.”
“Plus size roller coaster.”
“Why does everyone in this town use Altavista? Is it 1997?”

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