The Top Five Albert Brooks Movie Roles of His Career

Have you ever noticed how Albert Brooks plays the role of the guy that wants or needs a change in his life and yet can’t seem to catch a break? He’s either the nice guy that wants things to change so that he’ll be more comfortable or the leech that means well but is more or less a drain on those around him. Throughout all this he’s got this strange but impeccable sense of what he’s supposed to be doing even if he doesn’t happen to do it all that often. His characters tend to know which way morality lies but don’t always travel that path.

I guess that would describe a certain number of people as well.

5. The Scout-Al Percolo

When you’re a scout for the New York Yankees and have to produce someone that they can actually use I would imagine that you go far and wide to find just about anyone that has talent. Al managed to find the one kid that might have been the best in the sport. The only problem is that he’s not entirely right in the head in so many ways. Finding a way to connect with this guy and get him to play ball is an effort that most people would never want to consider, let alone tackle.

4. Out of Sight-Richard Ripley

Richard is the typical rich guy that gets sent to jail and then finds out he can’t hack it unless he makes powerful friends, or at least those that are psychotic enough to watch his back while getting something in return. He’s about as much as a scuzz as anyone in this film but in truth he’s worse than some of them since he’s not the kind of guy to keep his word or even say ‘thank you’ to those that helped him from really getting into trouble.

3. This is 40-Larry

Here’s where he just about hits rock bottom since he’s an older man with three younger sons, a son that’s turning 40, and nothing to show in his life other than what his eldest son has given him through the years. Having to take care of your parents is something that a lot of people realize might come when they get too old and infirm to take care of themselves, but when your parent is still capable of working, enabling them by paying for everything isn’t the best idea.

2. Lost in America-David Howard

So you don’t get the promotion you wanted and you’ve just been fired because you decided to fly off the handle and insult your boss. There are worse things, right? Yeah, your wife could lose all of your nest egg money playing roulette and you could find yourself living in a rundown old mobile home while both of you are essentially working jobs that leave you at the mercy of kids. I think I’d be looking to get my old job back too.

1. Defending Your Life-Daniel Miller

It’s an easier thing to think about that you might get to defend the actions and choices you’ve made in your life rather than go one way or the other. Of course if you lose then you go back to earth, which in the opinion of some is about the same thing as going south for the big burn.

His characters are interesting at least.

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