Tomi Lahren Landing at Fox News: Good or Bad?

Tomi Lahren Landing at Fox News: Good or Bad?

Well, one thing can be said about Tomi Lahren, and that is she definitely knows how to land on her feet. The question now is, “how long will she be standing before she gets knocked off of them again?” After being fired from The Blaze by Gleen Beck, Tomi Lahren has landed a spot on Fox News – more on this in a second.

The thing that fueled Tomi’s fast rise to the top was her unrelenting fire and passion, but how many of you know that it is often the things that attract people to us that will, at some point, repel them. Based on some controversial statements made by Lahren concerning her personal views on abortion, she was released. While Lahren is a publicized conservative, she believes in a woman’s right to chose, which does not sit well with those who embrace right-wing ideology.

Tomi’s boss and the founder of The Blaze dismissed her after she admitted that she supported women’s abortion rights while sitting as a guest on ABC’s The View. Well, it seems that Tomi’s flair for spewing inflammatory comments got her in hot water. The last I heard on this particular issue is Tomi is suing Glen Beck and the Blaze for wrongful termination.

Back to the news that Tomi has landed at Fox News. While her strongly conservative views would seem to make her a good fit for the strong right-wing position that Fox News almost always takes, this love affair might be short-lived. The truth is that Tomi Lahren has no chill. She has become a loose cannon that is difficult to control. When you build a reputation for saying whatever comes to your mind, you become extremely comfortable speaking without thinking, which often leads to putting your foot in your mouth.

Well, it didn’t take Lahren long to put her foot in her mouth on her new job at Fox News. In fact, she did it on her first day. During a discourse in which she was attempting to induce a reprieve on all of the media attention currently being given to the Russian election tampering scandal involving the Trump campaign, she inadvertently admitted that Fox was consistently beating a dead horse with the Hillary Clinton email server scandal.

Lahren said, “How about when the mainstream media stops covering Russia day in and day out, maybe we can drop the Hillary email scandal.”

And trust me, her quote did not go unnoticed on Twitter, where followers and trolls alike let her have it. With one Twitter users tweeting, “tfw you accidentally admit that your employer is face news on your first day at work…”

While I am certain that the executives at Fox News weighed the pros and cons of hiring Lahren, I am not sure if they gave consideration to the unpredictability that comes along with putting her in front of a camera. Additionally, as her celebrity grows, she will become even more difficult to reel in. As I stated at the beginning of this piece, she is a loose cannon, so her employers will always have to be willing to take the good with the bad.

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