The Top Five Toby Moments from This is Us Season 2

The Top Five Toby Moments from This is Us Season 2

When many people thought that This is Us wasn’t going to be able to replicate the shock success that they did in the first season, the show’s creators were smirking on the sidelines. They still got it. They still knew how to manipulate our emotions and make us all think we knew what was going to happen. But we didn’t. We actually had no idea. Even for a character like Toby, we all thought we knew what he was all about. Little did we know that he still had a lot of growing and molding to do, and season 2 gave us some pretty good insight on him.

Here are the top 5 Toby moments from Season 2 of This is Us.

Toby in the Finale

This was probably one of the most horrifying moments in the finale, let alone the show, when we see Toby in a state that we never thought we’d see him in. There he was, almost catatonic in bed, and we can’t even being to imagine what had happened. But during the entire episode, Toby’s parents were warning him of another bout of depression if things don’t go as planned. The only thing is it actually did go as planned because the wedding happened, so why was Toby like that in the finale?

Toby’s bachelor party

Of course, the big guy is not going to be underdressed in his own bachelor party. The moment when we see Toby walk down with his future brother-in-laws and his part-time friends was just epic. It was like a scene from a really comical movie that we have yet to see in our lives. Toby is one of our favorite characters ever, and he deserved to finally get a chance at a really great time. However, we all know what happened next.

Toby’s conversation with Jack

Of course, we know that Jack is gone; so this conversation is actually with an urn. Toby’s monologue was beautiful, to say the least. It showed just how much he loved Kate and how determined he was to really make it work. Seeking advice from Jack’s remains was one of Toby’s best serious moments, and there may not be a lot considering the funny persona of this wonderful character.

Toby and the miscarriage

In this episode, we finally hear from Toby how he handled the whole miscarriage situation. He finally confronts Kate about the way she’s been acting selfishly about the whole thing. Toby cares about Kate so much that he really wants to do anything for her. But that’s something that she doesn’t realize. She finally blames him for getting excited about the pregnancy. Finally, Toby clears the air and reminds Kate that it happened to him too.

Toby finds out he was going to be a dad

First he clears the entire desk, thinking that Kate came to visit him to get some action. But as soon as Kate just blurts out the news, the look on Toby’s face was just absolutely priceless. His reaction was just so natural–the initial confusion and shock and the joy that followed after was just captivating. And then he follows it all with dance just after.

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