That Time Amy Adams was in “Smallville” in 2001

The time that Amy Adams was on Smallville was kind of an odd episode in the making. She played the character of Jodi, a young woman obsessed with losing weight, even to the point that she would suck down protein shakes like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately she took in shakes made from vegetables that had been laced in kryptonite and a very weird thing happened after that. She developed the ability to digest just about anything she wanted and could also lose the weight at a rapid pace soon after. Unfortunately that meant that she would become ravenous and then have to consume more and more so that she could keep up with her body’s new and frightening metabolism. At one point she ingested and entire deer that she’d hit with her car, unhinging her jaw like a snake and sucking the fat from the thing to keep herself alive.

She even attacked Clark at one point and was able to subdue him for a bit since the two of them were fighting in an area that was riddled with kryptonite. Not very many enemies can pose a serious threat to Clark Ken without being undeniably tough, but seeing as how she was made into what she was by green kryptonite Jodi was easily a match for Clark in that moment. Fortunately she saw herself in a nearby mirror and the sight disgusted and dismayed her so much that she attempted to commit suicide, which Clark thankfully stopped when a gas line burst and forced him to flee with her in tow. From that point he took her to the nearest hospital where she could convalesce and hopefully get treated.

But really, that’s got to be one of the saddest and strangest villains to ever crop up in Superman’s history, a young woman that can suck the fat out of anything or anyone to survive. That might be the kind of thing that a demented mind would think is cool since the fat would metabolize a short while later, leaving the person thin and trim again. But honestly if a person has all the fat sucked out of them or can’t keep any body fat on them then the body begins to break down a bit. A lot of people think that fat is a dirty word but in truth having just enough body fat is healthy since it promotes good health and can help to keep the body warm. It also gives the organs a bit of cushion and helps to grant the body the energy it needs to function. Nobody can function fully without some body fat, no matter how tempting it is to be rid of every last little bit.

Shows that include episodes like this are teaching a poignant lesson even as they’re entertaining, showing that body image is not the most important thing in the world but that it is also something that needs to be positive if people are to be happy. Of course shaming is seen as a very negative act, though in shows like this it tends to have dire repercussions.

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