Three Days of Our Lives Couples Who Are Meant To Be

Days of Our Lives fans are well aware that many coupes never work out and they certainly don’t make it through their lives intact. However, we do understand that there are many who do make it through, and they are just fine. Maybe some of them don’t really need to be together. Maybe they are fine, but they just fail to wow us as people. Maybe they are all that and then some, but we just occasionally like it better when some people are together. We know that it doesn’t always work out in the love department for everyone, but we do know that there is a chance we can potentially see them work at some point. If we had our way, these couples would always be together.

Kayla and Steve

So, okay; we know that they are technically together and married, but we don’t like the way things are going these days. They are the best couple on this show, and we want him back. We know there was something along the lines of some contract negotiations that didn’t go well, and things aren’t always in their favor right now, but we do want to see them make this work and for them to be together. The fact that they didn’t even do a good job of writing him out in a fun and exciting manner makes us hope there is a chance that perhaps they even hope that he will be back at some point. We don’t know for certain that this is a situation, but we do hope that it is. They are the greatest of the great, and they do belong together. We are sad for all they’ve been through, but we think they can make it work.

Sami and EJ

There’s a small chance we still have no real idea what is going on around here, but we like what is happening. He’s back, but is he back? We think that they should get their situation back in order and make things work. They are both equally bad for one another to the point that we think they are pretty perfect for one another. They work for us, and that’s all there is to it. They are the kind of couple who has a good chance to make their situation feel good, and they have a good chance at making things work. But the do have some very amazing chemistry we think they can really rock if they do make the effort. We are good with it, and that’s where we are as people right now.

Perhaps they can make this work by finding a way to make their love last if he really comes back in a way that allows this to work. They might have their issues, but they are so good together in a way that they have so much chemistry. But whether or not they can make it work long term is kind of beyond us. We can hope, though, right?

Bo and Hope

We say this with some trepidation. We know that he is dead, and we do assume that he’s like, dead dead. He did die of his illness, and that leaves us assuming he will never be back. Though we do like to avoid making assumptions because we all know where those go. But for now, we think that they might be one of the greatest couples of all time. But for now, we do love her with Rafe. While she and Bo were clearly the soul mates that everyone needed and loved, we are interested in seeing how things go for her with Rafe if he could, but some miracle, come back to life.

What she did is amazing. She’s managed to find to amazing loves of her life, and that’s something you cannot put into words. She’s found good matches, and we like them. It might not have worked out with Bo, but things might just work out with her and Rafe. Honestly, we cannot find a favorite and make that our case. We just love her with both men, and maybe we’d like to see her just start a sister-husbands kind of marriage or something.

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