This Video Celebrates 35 Years of Pixar Moments

This Video Celebrates 35 Years of Pixar Moments

This Video Celebrates 35 Years of Pixar Moments

Has it really been 35 years? A good number of us were kids when Pixar first started going if that’s the case, since thinking that Pixar really started to build back in the 80s isn’t hard to believe, but the idea that they really took off in the 90s was what a lot of people are bound to remember. Between the movies, the short films, and everything else they’ve done throughout the years it’s beyond impressive to think that this company has been entertaining people for so long and that they’ve only been getting bigger as time went on. When one thinks about it, the kids of those of us who grew up watching Pixar movies are only going to remember so far back before being able to call some of these projects ‘old school Pixar’ as the company is only getting bigger and more impressive. When one takes a look at the older animation it’s enough to make you laugh at what was at one time cutting edge versus what’s new and exciting now. It’s a nostalgic and pleasant sort of laughter that speaks volumes about how far things have come to this point since those of us that have been around long enough and are older than Pixar can remember animation when it was choppy and the words spoken by the characters didn’t match at all. In fact, that type of animation is still around, but some folks have no problem calling it retro since it does hearken back to a time when things were much simpler in appearance.

Trying to remember every last animated short and movie that Pixar has been in on over the years is almost impossible but looking them up is pretty easy. The list is fairly long as one can imagine and yet every one of the entries is something that people can recall in some way since the fans that Pixar has gained over the years number in the millions. Looking back at this time it’s enough to make a person smile when thinking that some of our most precious memories from the movies have come from Pixar, as have some of our most comical given that for being able to produce a movie that’s supposed to family-friendly, a lot of Pixar movies have taken on a little bit of adult humor that people have appreciated since it gives something for the whole family to understand and enjoy and this is usually done in a way that one can’t help appreciate since a good number of the jokes tend to go over the heads of younger children even while they’re understood by parents. Some parents might get their noses bent out of joint about it, but quite often they’re a minority, and as such it’s not worth it to kowtow to their whims.

Censoring a kids’ movie or short film is something that only a truly cold-hearted or overly paranoid person would do, but it does happen from time to time and it has been known to lead to massive argument after another over the years since one side will argue that there’s nothing wrong with the content being put into the movies, while the other side will state that there are obscure things that are easy to notice if one slows down the movie and takes it panel by panel. Yes, there are those types out there that will go frame by frame and point out anything and everything they can find when it comes to discovering things that they can argue about. This is also how a lot of people tend to find Easter eggs in a lot of movies and shows as well, which is another mind-numbing practice that is something that a lot of folks can’t fully understand. Hey, to each their own and all that, but Pixar has been in the business of making people happy for too long to think that they’re really going to jeopardize it with anything that might be able to shut them down over what might have been a bit of whimsy. The same thing has happened over at Disney as well when it comes to the artwork, and many people have stood up to debunk the rumors that Disney was attempting to peddle sex to kids in a subliminal manner. So to be truthful, the same can be said of Pixar, whose movies have been nothing short of great for decades now.

It does make a person wonder if they’re going to be able to stick around for another 35 years since things can happen in that amount of time and there have been plenty of studios that have come and gone over the years. Many have changed and some have been absorbed, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens to Pixar down the line, but it’s still good enough to say congratulations.

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