This Star Wars Fan Theory Could’ve Changed Rise of Skywalker

This Star Wars Fan Theory Could’ve Changed Rise of Skywalker

This Star Wars Fan Theory Could’ve Changed Rise of Skywalker

There are more Star Wars fan theories on the internet than wishes for presents on a child’s Christmas list. They range from the totally feasible to the completely outrageous and they just won’t stop coming. Some suggest that Mace Windu is somehow still alive and others insistently claim that Jar Jar is a Sith Lord. I really don’t see how that last one would work, but I won’t go into it. Seriously, it’s too weird.

I’m going to target the more believable Star Wars fan theories that can still actually happen. Heck, even the one about Mace Windu has been supported by George Lucas and Samuel L. Jackson, so we might just see him in the future. Yeah, I know, he got his arm cut off, was electrocuted for ten seconds, then pushed from very tall building, but this is Star Wars, outlandish things happen. Many characters have died, only for them to come back in a lesser physical form and still have their powers. Some examples are Darth Maul, Darth Sidious, and even Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Yoda have reappeared as force ghosts. This one particular fan theory I want to talk about is all about resurrection.

I have seen it thrown around the internet a number of times and I believe there is some truth to it. If you don’t keep up with Star Wars fan theories but watch the movies, just remember that excellent scene where Anakin has a special conversation with Chancellor Palpatine. Palpatine is secretly aware of Anakin’s fear that Padme will die during childbirth, so he slowly but surely tries to seduce him to the dark side. He begins to tell Anakin about the tale of Darth Plagueis, an old Sith Lord who apparently had the power to prevent death itself. Anakin takes much interests in this story, already anxious to learn that power so he could save Padme’s life.

The most interesting bit of this tale told by Palpatine is that he refrains from telling Anakin that he was an apprentice of Darth Plagueis. When Anakin asked what happened to Plagueis, Palpatine claims that his “apprentice” killed him in his sleep. He emphasized on the irony of the tale, pointing out how Plagueis could stop others from dying, but not himself. It’s a striking story, especially since it actually explained Palpatine’s origins in a subtle fashion. The story also sparked Anakin’s desperation to learn Plagueis’ powers, leading to his betrayal of the Jedi. We all know what happened after that, but this really leads to some crucial questions.

Was the tale of Darth Plagueis a lie? If he even existed, did he truly possess that kind of power? Palpatine told this story to Anakin to manipulate him, but are the Sith really capable of resurrection? In the universe of Star Wars, it’s certainly possible. By the end of the Return of the Jedi, Palpatine was thrown down a shaft, blown up, then he blew up again when the Death Star was destroyed. This would kill most Star Wars characters, but not Palpatine. In Rise of Skywalker, it was revealed that he did somehow survive and was plotting his revenge. He appeared as a rotting corpse, still alive, but barely. There was no explanation as to why, but it proved that the Sith weren’t so easily killed. I mean just look at Darth Maul, the guy was cut in half, fell down a seemingly bottomless pit, and he survived.

All of this goes back to the Star Wars fan theory I want to talk about. Palpatine didn’t die and no explanation was given for his resurrection. It was confusing, like very confusing. This fan theory I’m referring to has to do with Darth Plagueis and his somewhat return to life. Back in The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon was adamant that Anakin was the chosen one and highly suggested that he should be trained. Anakin did betray the Jedi, but despite his treachery, he eventually fulfilled his destiny and overthrew Palpatine. Was he really the chosen one because of that?

Countless more fan theories try to guess who the father Anakin really is. It’s been a topic for discussion for a while now, and the explanation we got was beyond cryptic. Anakin’s mother, Shmi Skywalker, told Qui-Gon that there was no father and even she couldn’t explain what happened. I believe the mystery behind Anakin’s father was intentional. It kept fans guessing and a litany of theories were made as a result. One of the best ones I read had to do with Darth Plagueis. Shmi Skywalker couldn’t explain how she became pregnant with Anakin because it literally just happened. There was no man involved and the pregnancy hit her unexpectedly.

That sounds crazy, but Darth Plagueis had a hand in it. After Palpatine killed him, he indeed saved himself from death by taking the form of a dark spirit and plotted his revenge. Through his use of the force, Plagueis impregnated Shmi Skywalker with Anakin, with the intention of using him as his pawn to avenge his murder. This is one insane plan, but it did eventually work, considering Anakin betrayed Palpatine and ended his reign. In a weird way, this would make Anakin the chosen one and Darth Plagueis created him.

This is a crazy fan theory, even for Star Wars, but unlike the Sith Lord Jar Jar one, it’s quite believable. Let’s talk about the midochlorians for a minute. Did they make sense? Not in the slightest, but they were significant with Anakin. Why did he have a midochlorian count that high? Probably because he was a product of a Sith Lord? That was never really explained in the prequels, but the theory would support that plot point.

So let’s say it’s true and Plagueis did create Anakin. Would he stop there? He’s a Sith, so probably not. After the introduction of Snoke, fans made theories suggesting that he was actually Darth Plagueis. This was a believable theory, given Snoke’s unusual appearance and powerful use of the force, but then he was killed off. Then Palpatine returned, and I was personally hoping it was the spirit of Plagueis possessing what was left of his body, but it was actually just Palpatine somehow returning. Palpatine had his time and we needed a new villain. Darth Plagueis should have been the new main antagonist of the recent Star Wars trilogy. Whether he was really Snoke or a spirit possessing Palpatine, that would’ve been far more interesting.

If you like Star Wars and fan theories, do some digging around the internet and you’ll find some that spark your interest. Some of those might even come true in the future. After all, anything can happen in Star Wars.


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