This HBO Character is the One Fans Want to Most Have Dinner With

This HBO Character is the One Fans Want to Most Have Dinner With

Tyrion Lannister, Arthur Curry, and John Constantine, now there would be a trio. Since everyone’s throwing their opinion in the ring as to who might be the best guests to invite to dinner, using characters found on HBO Max, I thought I’d weigh in as well. But the common thread among most fans is Tyrion Lannister, which is curious but not at all surprising since the Game of Thrones character known in the first season or two as the Imp was actually well-played by Peter Dinklage throughout all eight seasons. There were some differences to his character no doubt since in George R.R. Martin’s books the Imp was quite ugly, walked bow-legged, and had no nose to speak of after one particularly nasty battle. Dinklage managed to get away with a scar across the bridge of his nose and along his forehead, but even with those differences, he played a great role since he was underestimated from day one and yet he was one of the more interesting characters in the story. Plus, if not for Tyrion, it’s fair to say that a few things would have gone differently in the story since he had more influence than a lot of people realize at this point.

His famous phrase “That’s what I do. I drink, and I know things.” has been plastered across every available surface that could be marketed and sold since he turned out to be one of the best characters in the entire show. He wasn’t big and strong like many of the men, nor was he all that skilled in doing anything other than running his mouth, but that still managed to get him out of trouble as often as it got him in. To be fair, had he not spoken up at the end after he’d been imprisoned by Daenerys as a traitor, he might have been killed by Grey Worm rather than be allowed to recommend Bran the Broken as the next king. The thing about Tyrion is that he’s a character that’s had to deal with a severe disadvantage all of his life. From the moment he was born the only one that cared for him was his brother Jamie since his sister and his father hated and resented him, either for the loss of his mother or something else.

But despite all that, Tyrion became a very educated individual, more so than either of his siblings, though his cunning and guile were about on par with both of them. While Jamie took to the sword, however, Cersei became a lady of intrigue and harbored a great and intense hatred towards anyone who wasn’t a part of her family, and of course for Tyrion thanks to a prophecy and because he was born. Through all this Tyrion became the person he was, meaning he wasn’t particularly nice or decent, but he was clever and knew what to say and when to say it to the right people. He actually seemed to feed off of the negativity that his family aimed at him sometimes, and used it against them when he could. Some of the best scenes in the show were when he smacked his insolent nephew Joffrey and managed to get away with it. Tyrion had to deal with being locked up for crimes he didn’t commit though, and the knowledge that he killed his own father and lover as well.

Some might not blame him in the least since Tywin Lannister was a bit of a monster and Shae was just as treacherous since she testified against Tyrion when his life was on the line. To be certain, he never really had a fair shake in life, but he made the best of it, and as a result, he became the very suave and knowledgeable individual he was near the later seasons. He did look pretty rough for a while since being on the run didn’t exactly treat him that well. But all in all, Tyrion is still the type of individual that one might want to sit and talk with over dinner or even a few drinks since his ability to hold a striking conversation would no be second to none.

But as to my own list, Tyrion would indeed be a welcome guest, as would Arthur Curry, who’s been known to pound a few back and have a good time while doing so. John Constantine might be considered a bit of a downer, but getting him and Tyrion together feels like it would be interesting at the very least since the discussions they could have might be epic, while Arthur could sit and listen and perhaps offer up the few things he knows about that would be interesting to both men. There are plenty of other interesting names to add to the list, but Tyrion would definitely be one of the first.

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