This Animatronic Baby Yoda is Almost Too Real

Former Mythbuster Grant Imahara has taken his Baby Yoda game to the next level with this creation since the little guy featured in the video above is by far and large good enough to star in a movie or even the show as Kevin Burwick from MovieWeb mentions. It’s not exactly fair to equate this attempt with any other version that’s come out since Grant is a wizard when it comes to robotics, but he did need some help with the overall look of Baby Yoda and the clothing, which he’s quite thankful for. Even better though is that he intends to visit local children’s hospitals with this wonder of creation to help cheer kids up and give them something impressive and unavoidably cute to look at and exclaim over. That’s definitely a worthwhile goal for something this impressive since it’s a wonder of modern-day technology that kind of begs to be showed off and enjoyed by others considering how much work was put into the tiny construct. The fact that he ‘wakes up’ when tempted by chicken nuggets, or tenders, or nuggies depending on the meme one follows is even cuter since it gives this Baby Yoda a sense of realism that is hard not to be impressed by.

The internet has gone gaga over Baby Yoda since he was brought to light last November in The Mandalorian and the memes and references have been flowing strong and quick ever since his little green face first appeared on the screen. To say that he’s been a popular character is a gross understatement but to state that he’s been one of the main reasons why The Mandalorian has done so well might be a little more accurate. Given the fact that he’s a Force-user as well has only made him an even more desirable character since now people really want to know just where Yoda’s people come from and what they call themselves. In the original trilogy one might have thought that Yoda came from Dagobah considering that he had a home, was comfortable in the setting, and didn’t appear to have any means of transportation off the planet. But in the prequels we found out that he had his own quarters at the Jedi Temple and there was really no telling where he came from since George Lucas decided to maintain the secret of his race and his home world. We’re no closer to finding out just where the race comes from at this time, but one has to wonder if that’s going to change anytime soon since the Mando is now on a quest to find Baby Yoda’s people and his home planet, no matter that it means contacting ‘enemy sorcerers’ as he put it in the final episode of the first season. Gael Fashingbauer Cooper of CNet could likely give a few more facts about Baby Yoda that some folks would be interested in.

I won’t harp anymore about how Mandalorian’s hate Force-users since I’ve done it in several articles at this point, but it does sound as though such a meeting could happen at some point in the next season of The Mandalorian since he’s now actively seeking out those that know something, or anything, about the Force. Hot on his heels though will be Moff Gideon who, as we’ve seen, has possession of the darksaber, a lightsaber with a jet black blade that has been associated with the Mandalorian’s in the past and might have some crucial part to play in the story before all is said and done.  This could hopefully indicate that we’ll get a better back story on Moff Gideon and possibly his weapon since it’s a unique blade in the Star Wars universe and something that bears more scrutiny. After all out of the many different lightsabers that have come come and gone within the saga this is one that stands out from the rest of them since to the knowledge of even the most devout Star War fan there’s only the one. Seeing it pop up on The Mandalorian was pretty special since considering that it’s been on the animated Star Wars series it’d be nice to hear how Gideon came to be in possession of it.

In the meantime focusing on Baby Yoda, one of the main interests in the story, will continue to be at the top of the list, or close to it, for a lot of Star Wars fans since the cute little green spud has become a very big interest to a lot of people, especially after showing that he can use the Force in a manner that’s kind of impressive really given what he did with the mudhorn that was bearing down on the Mando. It’s also indicative of why he needs a mentor that understands the Force and its application though since he doesn’t quite yet know when to use it in relation to his emotions.

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