They Cloned Tyrone Is An Entertaining Thrill Ride

They Cloned Tyrone Is An Entertaining Thrill Ride

Cinema isn’t the only place that’s dropping big hits. Netflix has a buzz-worthy film on its hands as They Cloned Tyrone was a hot commodity before it was released on July 21. The Netflix exclusive has a top-notch cast that features Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, and Kiefer Sutherland.

The synopsis for They Cloned Tyrone is quite simple: a series of eerie events thrusts an unlikely trio onto the trail of a nefarious government conspiracy. The synopsis doesn’t quite give away the overall plot of the film, but it’s better that Juel Taylor doesn’t reveal too much information as They Cloned Tyrone is better when you know next to nothing about it. This is Taylor’s first feature as a director, with him previously written Creed II and Young. Wild. Free. Does Taylor knock his debut feature out of the park?

The Plot Of They Cloned Tyrone Is Clever

They Cloned Tyrone Cast

The great thing about They Cloned Tyrone is that it feels authentic from beginning to end. It’s dripped all in Black culture: from the love of fried chicken to the ghettos of the lower neighborhoods, or even the soulful church. Whether good or bad, Taylor does an excellent job of immersing audiences into a diverse pool and it makes the plot feel organic.

Taking inspiration from Blaxploitation films made the experience unique. It’s always clear that They Cloned Tyrone is in the present day, but the mixture of Blaxploitation helps add more nuance and depth to the sci-fi elements of the film. Better yet, it’s surprising when the film doesn’t play out as you imagine it would. If you’ve seen the trailer then you understand the overall gist of They Cloned Tyrone, but the script is smarter than it appears.

The social commentary in They Cloned Tyrone is simply top-notch. It tackles the tropes of Black Culture and makes it fun of it, but also gives some sharp commentary on racism and class.

They Cloned Tyrone Has Great Dialogue, But A Convoluted Climax

They Cloned Tyrone Cast

The biggest positive is the dialogue, which is simply brilliant. Each character has a distinct voice and the chemistry flows nicely between Fontaine (Boyega), Slick Charles (Foxx), and Yo-Yo (Parris). That said, They Cloned Tyrone gets a bit convoluted towards the end. It’s fun seeing the commentary based on Black Culture, but once the film dives into deeper themes in the third act then it starts to get confusing.

The whole sci-fi and flashback elements do halt the momentum as you’re trying to figure things out and the film moves at a fast pace. The third act doesn’t kill the overall movie, but there are head-scratching moments that should’ve been better explained or simply cut altogether.

The themes of racism and community are never lost. Taylor highlighting society’s view on black culture is powerful, but his messaging does become flimsy as They Cloned Tyrone gets too clever for its own good.

The Characters Are The Stars Here

They Cloned Tyrone Is An Entertaining Thrill Ride

Nevertheless, the characters are the biggest reason this film works so well. John Boyega is a tremendous actor. He has multiple roles here and none of them feel the same. His main character is Fontaine, and though he doesn’t speak much, Boyega’s quiet moments are equally strong. His story is entirely written on his face and it’s easy to connect with his character because he’s such a rich and compelling figure.

Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Parris are equally great. They’re the comedic relief and they chew up the scenery with ease. It isn’t just the fact that their dialogue is funny, but it’s clear that Foxx and Parris are having so much fun with their characters. Their charisma and energy are a perfect pair for Fontaine’s stoic and serious demeanor.

Even the minor supporting characters are fun in the film. The Preacher (David Alan Grier) especially has a great scene that’s arguably the funniest moment in the entire film. All in all, They Cloned Tyrone is a Netflix gem that deserves to be seen. Sure, it gets confusing toward the end, but the thrill ride never stops regardless.

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