There’s a Hello Kitty English Language Film in the Works

There’s a Hello Kitty English Language Film in the Works

There’s a Hello Kitty English Language Film in the Works

It would seem at this time that kids’ cartoons and characters are starting to become insanely popular since Hello Kitty it would seem is getting an English language film soon. New Line Cinema is helping to spearhead this project it would seem and it’s actually the first movie deal outside of Sanrio’s 45-year history that Hello Kitty has been granted for use by a major film studio. That’s pretty monumental in the eyes of many since the understanding that such a property that’s sold millions upon millions in merchandise and been referenced every which way throughout the years is something that’s been coveted in a big way.

You’ve likely seen this iconic character represented all over the place since for some reason the simplicity of it and the addictive nature of Hello Kitty, yes, addictive, has made the character one of the more well-known figures in pop culture throughout the last few decades. As improbable as it seems Hello Kitty has been one of those images that has persevered in a very simplistic and easy manner throughout the years since it’s never really needed a huge push for people to pick up on it. Even those that don’t know Hello Kitty from any other character have expressed interest in the subject since for some reason, which fans likely know, Hello Kitty has simply stuck as one of the more iconic faces throughout the years as other trends have come and gone. Does anyone realize just how long Hello Kitty has really been around? Our parents were still relatively young most likely when this character was being unveiled, and a lot of us were likely kids or not even born yet by the time Hello Kitty was really climbing the rungs towards fame.

In all honesty it almost seems as though this movie is long overdue, but the hope that it might be as well-received is something that people might either agree is going to happen without fail or might be more of a risk since these days a lot of kids are into so many different cartoons and characters that Hello Kitty might have some truly stiff competition to overcome. It’s easy to say that since she’s been around for years and years that people will be pulled towards such a movie out of nostalgia, since it’s worked for various movies and shows throughout the last decade or so, but it’s also fair to say that she might need a little more of an edge when it comes to really winning over the crowd that helped to make her famous, and to get in with the younger crowd which is where she really needs to be targeted. The bevy of cartoon characters out there these days are simply a multitude that are difficult to sift through at times since even as a parent it’s hard now and then to keep up with every last character that comes across the screen.

Many of us might believe that because of our love for Hello Kitty that our kids will likely pick up on it and think that it’s something interesting, but if that’s all we’re banking on then it seems likely that it won’t happen. The character is popular, that much is never up for debate, but the whole idea that she can compete with the animated features of today is something else entirely. It might be that she’ll do just fine and the efforts of those that are bringing the cartoon character to the screen might be more than enough to make sure that people love her, but all in all it seems like it will be a risk no matter what.

The idea that the movie is coming however is something exciting for many people since it means that we get to see yet another bit of the past finally unfold and become what we always hoped it would be, or at least become something that we haven’t seen before. Those that have enjoyed Hello Kitty for years and years now might be some of the first in line to see the picture or they might at least bother telling others about it just to spread the joy and make sure that a new generation has an idea of what they’re in for.

As to what the movie is going to be about, that’s anyone’s guess right now since it would seem that production still has to be undertaken in order to make everything work and the character to come to life as people want her. When the movie is coming out is hard to say but there’s no doubt that there will be a date given eventually if one hasn’t already been decided upon. One more bit of our childhood is coming back for a chance at the big screen. It should be interesting.

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