The Voice Season 11 Battle Rounds, Week Two – Where Things Stand

The Voice season 11 battle rounds, week two

Last week the battle rounds eliminated eight performers – and had four steals! What’s in store for The Voice season 11 battle rounds, week two?   Let’s take a look at who’s left to go home, and my picks for who’s going and staying.

The Voice Season 11 Battle Rounds, Week Two – Team Alicia

Just in terms of who initially picked the strongest team one might want to consider that coach Alicia Keys had everyone from her battles stolen!  Coach Miley Cyrus got the popular Lauren Diaz.  Coach Adam Levine used his two steals to nab Dave Moisan with the super falsetto, and the polished R&B singer Jason Warrior.

Alicia has used one of her steals to get youngster Courtnie Ramirez  from team Miley. For The Voice season 11 battle rounds, week two,  here’s who’s left to battle:


Coach Blake Shelton has two steals left, and Miley has one.  In a best case scenario all three of Alicia’s battles would end in a steal.  In a worse case, there will be three eliminations.  However, we do know three of these performers are leaving team Alicia.  I’m pretty sure the jazzy Halle Tomlinson and the duo Whitney & Shannon will be staying put, but I’m not sure about the third person.

Who would be a definite steal? Josh Halverson!  He’s paired to battle Kylie Rothfield in the promo below. 




Blake and Miley will both try to get Josh if Alicia lets him go but I could also see them going for Kylie.

With Belle Jewel, the promo looks like she’s staying on the show. Whether that’s on team Alicia is questionable. There’s just not enough information on her voice to call it. Her look though, that seems more like a team Miley gal.

If I had to guess one person that’s going home one team Alicia…it’s a toss-up between Belle and Gabriel Violett. The rational? Even with the promo, we didn’t see Belle’s blind audition and those people seem more likely to get eliminated. (Go look at team Miley…).

Miley has only one steal left, so she’s going to be choosy. She also may want a guy to balance her team a little better.  The issue with Gabe is that the team he’s most suited for is team Adam – and Adam doesn’t have any more steals.  Miley is more likely to try stealing one of Blake’s male team members (if she can’t get Josh.)

The Voice Season 11 Battle Rounds, Week Two – Team Adam

Like Alicia, Adam has three more battles to go.  Here’s who’s up for elimination:


If Adam’s smart he will not set Bindi Liebowitz and Simone Gundy to battle.  They are the only two women left on his team!  He’d be smarter to save that for the knockouts where he could see how they stand up against Miley and Alicia’s teams.

With so many guy on his team, my guess is he’ll go for a diversity of genre.  I’m betting that he keeps Nolan Neal – and that Brendan Fletcher gets stolen by Alicia or Miley.  JSOUL might be a steal, but sadly, Johnny Rez is probably going home.  On the off-chance Adam is crazy enough to battle the last two women on his team I’d guess he keep either JSOUL or Brendan.

The Voice Season 11 Battle Rounds, Week Two – Team Blake

Blake’s team will be changing the most this week. He has four battles to do – and two steals! Here’s who’ll be battling:

The Voice season 11 week two battles - team Blake


Good grief! Four of these people will be off of Blake’s team, and there’s only two steals possibly available! Here are my thoughts on who’s definitely staying on team Blake: Austin Allsup. He’s country gold that could win this thing.

Who’s likely to stay are Gabe Broussard and Dana Harper. Gabe is country/soul, and like Adam’s Riley Elmore he’s a bit of a prodigy.   Dana is really good, and her YouTube blind audition is right up there in popularity with Austin’s.  Plus, strategically Blake knows he’ll likely need an R&B singer in this competition

That leaves one team slot left (plus his two steals), so there will be three eliminations or steals from Team Blake.  Country artists Preston James, Tarra Layne, and pop singer Christian Fermin were all on the blind audition montages.  That’s already a strike for possible elimination.

I have a feeling Tarra’s definitely eliminated.  Not only was her audition part of a montage, but she started promoting a single last week.  If she were still on The Voice she couldn’t do that.

Then there’s Preston. Although he seems perfect for team Blake – he’s a bonafide young country artist he’s got some articulation issues on his studio recording.  With so much young talent that’s super-polished, that might be enough for Blake to let him go.  There’s a similar issue for Christian as well.  Blake might keep him to stay competitive with Adam though.

Josh Gallagher and Blaine Long are similar to Sundance Head.   He’s already battled and secured his spot on team Blake.  One of these two will be leaving the team.  I like both of them, but Josh seems more marketable.  If Blake doesn’t keep Christian, or decides to let go of Dana or Gabe, Blake will keep him over Blaine.

The Voice Season 11 Battle Rounds, Week Two – Team Miley

In this case, last really is least – in terms of battles.  Miley only has two more to do! Take a look:

The Voice season 11 battle rounds, week two

Okay, we all know, Sa’Rayah and Darby Walker won’t be going to other teams  – they’re both top 12 material.  However, I can totally see Blake stealing Karlee.  If anyone goes home, it’s likely to be Aaron Gibson, but I hope not!  He’s a dark horse, but I loved his blind audition! Wouldn’t it be funny if both of Blake’s steals came from team Miley?  Alicia was interested in him as well, but that will depend on who is stolen from Adam….

The Wrap Up

Here’s a quick recap.  Team Blake has the most battles this week – and mostly likely the most singers eliminated. There’s a possibility that everyone from team Alicia will have gotten stolen – which may be a first! My guess for the top four singers likely to be eliminated this week are:  Tarra Layne, Johnny Rez, Blaine Long, and Preston James.

NBC’s The Voice season 11 battle rounds, week two, start tonight, Monday October 17th, at 8pm (ET/PT).   It’s a 2-hour episode.  The following night’s episode is from 8-9pm.

Now, who are your picks for elimination this week?  You can let me know your choices on who should stay or go by listing them in the comments!

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