The Vampire Diaries Review: Getting the Band Back Together


The metaphorical band may be back together on The Vampire Diaries but appearances aren’t everything.

Damon’s first stop on his apology tour was to Bonnie, where he discovered she’s basically dying soon all thanks to Enzo. There’s so much more to the story as Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship is explored through flashbacks over the past three years. While Damon was desiccating away of his own selfish choice, Bonnie really had no one looking out for her other than Enzo. In a weird way maybe Damon is the glue that holds the gang together because ever since he left, they all drifted apart onto separate paths of their lives.

I’m not sure how this Armory storyline makes any sense at all anymore. When Bonnie was being kept hidden and Enzo was continuing to play secret double agent for the Armory, she mentioned the research she’s been doing about the organization. Apparently they wanted Elena at one point in time because she’s a doppelgänger but I could’ve sworn the Armory was never a thing when Elena was still around. Anyway, the reason they want Bonnie now has something to do with Enzo’s distant relative Alex’s sister. With a few episodes left in the season the stakes will definitely get higher as the race to save Bonnie’s life grows more dire. Having seen how quickly the poison destroyed Mary Louise, it’s scary to see Bonnie already developing the rash on her hand.

The only other storyline of the night went to Stefan and Alaric awkwardly catching up and then eventually pitching in with taking down Rayna’s list of rogue vampire souls. I can’t tell what Stefan was hoping to get out of his visit to Alaric and Caroline’s house because even if she was home at the time, she doesn’t owe him anything.

Ever since we heard Ric telling Valerie about his proposal to Caroline, I knew something was off. Stefan knows it now too, and it’s never too late to fix things if he can figure out how to make up for leaving her in the lurch three years ago. There’s really no excuse for it other than to torture Steroline fans. Ultimately they’re an endgame couple. It’s just a matter of putting them through every single complication first. Even if they do get back together, would Stefan move to Dallas so Caroline can still raise her daughters? Something tells me Ric would not be on board with moving back to Mystic Falls or anywhere close to it.

Ric telling Stefan to stop trying to get the band back together struck me as interesting. It rings true for all the friendships on the show. No one is as close as they used to be, and they’ve all accepted it. When it comes down to a friend’s life on the line, of course everyone will do their part to help but no one’s pretending everything is fine. That overall disconnected feeling in the group is depressing. Especially for Damon because as much as he might not deserve forgiveness, it would be a huge weight off his shoulder if everyone could at least stop hating him. Or at least treat him with more respect than they are currently because like Enzo told Bonnie, that’s just who Damon is. The sooner she/everyone he has hurt accepts it as a character flaw, the sooner they can move on and let go of their anger. Focus on the positives, like how he’s trying his hardest to make up for his mistakes by literally saving his friends and brother’s lives. Cut him a break.

With 3 more episodes left in the season, how do you think it’ll all end?

The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 19 Review: "Somebody That I Used to Know"


Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship is revealed through flashbacks as they currently work with Damon to save Bonnie’s life.

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