The Upbeat Appeal of Freeform’s “Good Trouble”

The Upbeat Appeal of Freeform’s “Good Trouble”

Keeping someone interested in a conversation can be hard especially when you run out of something that sparks their interest, and you find them drifting off into their own world as you continue to ramble. Show producers also have a rough time trying to come up with content that will have their audience glued to their screens and waiting for more seasons to be unleashed. Unfortunately, everything has to come to an end no matter how good it is, even television shows. However, producers discovered that they could keep the high-rated shows on TV even after airing their final episodes, through spin-offs.

One show that will grace our screens with a little difference in the plot is the spin-off of “The Fosters” which we will now watch as “Good Trouble.” However, while some things about the series remain such as the names of characters, “Good Trouble” has made a few changes that make this spin-off messier and sexier than its predecessor.

The show’s plot

In “Good Trouble” two of the Adams Foster children, Mariana and Callie have become adults. At the age of about 25 and fresh out of college, they have decided to venture in the real world by moving to Los Angeles and taking all their worldly possessions with them. The excitement of moving in together dies when it dawns on Callie that Marian, her adopted sister has signed both of them into living in a communal apartment, the Coterie, where they not only have to share a bathroom, but Callies and Marina’s room have mice. The sole reason for Mariana to do that was so she can share space with a hot guy.

The upbeat

The show is determined to portray social justice through Callie and Mariana who can now explore their sexuality. As they have grown up, they have taken to a different approach in how they deal with their problems; now it is more from a personal standpoint than from an educational stance. Mariana tries to get rid of the sexism that has infiltrated her workplace, but the single protest rally she does outside the office does not have any impact. On the other hand, Callie, who works as the clerk of a conservative judge, has a hard time in her job because as much as she wants to declare her political beliefs publicly or make her cause known, she is unable to and that disturbs hers.

Away from their jobs, they have to keep their lives from falling apart in the communal apartment. While some of their roommates become their friends, others have sworn to make their lives difficult by continually challenging them. Besides the differences in race, political beliefs and sexual orientation do not make matters any easier for Mariana and Callie. They have to figure out how to pay their rent, live peacefully and do their share in the apartment, like restocking the toilet paper.

While it may sound like no big deal, for two young adults living on their own for the first time, it can be a roller coaster; one day they are up, the next they are down and getting through it becomes a nightmare.

Final verdict

Like any show we have all loved, the spin-off of the “The Fosters” has proven it is worth watching since you get to see it from a new perspective. The good bit is the fact that you do not have to have watched “The Fosters” for you to be up to speed with its spin-off. Although some of the cast members of “The Fosters” will make an occasional appearance, you do not have even to know who they were; you will catch on as the story unfolds so do not worry about streaming it.

Moreover, the flashbacks do a great job of filling you in though they are not necessary because whether you like it or not, the way the story unfolds will have you hooked into the sisters’ plight. So, by the time the show gets to mid-season the flashbacks become more of a distraction. Also, the new people who are now in Mariana’s and Callie’s lives will make you fall with love in them as they create a bond with the girls, to make them their new family. Since this time they do not have any moms to help them get through their challenges, the girls will be getting in “Good Trouble” as they figure out their young adult lives. It is a show worth watching, and it will get you hooked.

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