10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Unicorn

The Unicorn

The Unicorn is a drama-comedy series about five close friends who help Wade Felton adopt a new way of life after losing his wife a year ago. The widowed father of two daughters is convinced by his friends to embrace a new life and start courting again. To his surprise, the dad who is committed to raising his daughters is a hot catch and attracts a tone of women who view him as a single and responsible guy. His friends refer to him as a ‘unicorn;’ a capable hot man, who has a stable job and is in his middle forties. “The Unicorn” is set to premiere on 26th September 2019, on CBS Television Studios and here is everything you need to know about it.

1. Emmy Nominated producers created The Unicorn

Mike Schiff and Bill Martin are producers, writers, and actors best known for producing the hit drama series “3rd Rock from the Sun” which aired on NBC between 1996 and 2001. The two friends were recognized for their exemplary composing skills when their show was nominated twice in the 2000 Prime Emmy Awards. The Wrap disclosed that the two have also produced other notable comedies such as “Soul Man” and “The Ground Floor.”

2. “The Accountant” actor is starring in “The Unicorn.”

Walton Sanders Goggins is an Oscar-winning actor and producer who became a household name after starring in “The Accountant.” You may also identify Sanders as the faulty police officer, Shane Vendrell, on FX’s crime drama series “The Shield.” Goggins plays Wade in this upcoming series. He is a charismatic widower who women love for due to his composed personality. Wade is a widowed, middle-aged man who is attempting to hop back to the dating scene.

3. The series’ plot is based on a real-life story

The show was inspired by real-life events that happened to Grady Cooper, a close friend of the show’s developers Bill Martin and Mike Schiff. The two created the show after hearing Grady’s story about the aftermath of his wife’s passing. Walton Goggins is also familiar with Grady’s situation since he lost his first wife, Leanne Goggins, to suicide in 2004.

4. It connects with real societal issues

While the story behind the creation of the show is a sad one, it has an incredibly hilarious plot which measures up to the demands of sitcom fans who love humor. The show uses a melancholic plot to expose how people can step out of their somber moods and lead a happy life after tragic situations. According to The Washington Post, CBS entertainment is a television network that digs deeper into societal issues to provide its viewers with programs they can relate.

5. It is a first for Walton Sanders

It portrays Wade as a family man who assumes a kind role and is surrounded by funny friends who introduce him to online dating. Coming as a surprise considering that the show’s main actor Walton Sanders is commonly known to play in action and crime-related films. Walton Sanders has starred in over forty television shows which are generally action films with some investigative touch. “The Unicorn” will be the first sitcom comedy that the “Tomb Raider” star will be starring in his entire career. Walton proves that he is a versatile actor who is ready to assume any character.

6. It is in Vox list of favorite shows to watch

The show has only released one episode and seems like fans and critics around the globe are impressed with its casting. According to Vox, the funny family sitcom is an exciting television program which aims at bringing laughter and emotion among its viewers. Vox also cites that the pilot episode of the series was an improvement on CBS comedy journey. It is more creative compared to the company’s previous comical films.

7. The series’ pilot episode has a 7.7/10 rating

The first episode of the show depicts an enduring man who is yearning to move on after having the most tragic year of his life. Wade realizes that he is not ready to balance between taking care of his daughters and embracing the dating world where women love him. Even though the series was considered too dark by critics, the show managed to score favorable ratings across various film rating platforms. According to IMDB, the first episode scored 7.7/10 in ratings, making it a considerable success in the field of sitcom comedies.

8. “Ballers” actor Omar will be starring alongside Maya Lynne Robinson

Fans of HBO’s show “Ballers” are familiar with Omar Benson Miller, a middle-aged guy who plays a married retired NFL player in the series. Omar acts as Ben in “The Unicorn” alongside his onscreen wife Maya Lynne Robinson who plays Michelle, a mother of four children. It is worth noting that Maya is the great voice that narrates Hurricane Katrina’s tenth-anniversary video. Maya’s video gained more than one million views on Facebook in a week. The two are a happily married couple and close friends to Wade.

9. Robert William Corddry is Michaela Watkin’s husband in “The Unicorn.”

The two-time Emmy Award-winning actor who made his debut on “Children’s Hospital” is taking in the role of Forrest in this show. Corddry who also acts in HBO’s “Ballers” is playing husband to Delia, the former ‘Trophy Wife’ star. In this sitcom, Forrest is the cool guy while Delia is a very stubborn woman; the two provide Wade with dating advice.

10. John Hamburg directs the movie

Hamburg is well known for filming “I Love You, Man” and producing several high grossing movies and television shows. For instance, he directed “Meet the Parents,” a comedy series that has to date grossed over $300 million in box office ticket sales. The director is also the genius mind behind the filming of “Why Him,” a romantic comedy series that has sold over $100 million in tickets only. You can, therefore, rest assured that “The Unicorn” will have fans falling in love with it.

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