The Top Uses of Meek Mill Songs in Movies or TV

It seems like a lot of controversy and problems have followed Meek Mill around for a lot of years on account of one bungled arrest when he was younger. That doesn’t exactly excuse the arrests that came after or the behavior he’s displayed since that time, but a lot of fans seem willing and ready to defend him and give him the benefit of the doubt. That’s great and all if it exposes an obviously faulty legal system, but it’s not so great if it’s going to allow it to be said that the rest of what he’s done in his life is not his fault. While he’s a talented rapper and has come a long way in his life, or has tried many times before being hassled for years, there is still such a thing as responsibility. The hope is that he’s learned it throughout the years, but after reading what he’s said during interviews now and again it doesn’t seem likely.

Here are a few of his songs that have popped up in TV and movies.

5. Bright – That’s My N*****

Bright is a show that looked like it might have been set to be something cool that had a modern feel with some very D&D touches to it in many ways, but fell flat on both accounts. The show wasn’t all that bad according to some but to others it didn’t have enough of a point to be made and in the same breath it just tried to add too much without taking the time to really flesh anything out. Will Smith has been taking on some truly odd projects as of late when he’s still working but this one kind of took the cake since along with Joel Edgerton you would think that the cast members could have pulled it up out of its own lethargy. It had a great story line to be honest and all the talent it needed, but for some reason there was too big of a disconnect to bring it all together.

4. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – Dangerous

Any chance to get on TV and spit those rhymes is a great day for any performer since it means getting paid, getting exposure, and of course just getting out there and making the most of what you’ve got. Considering how much Meek lost while he was under house arrest over the years and how much trouble he had to through to keep his career you can imagine that he would have been riding a lot higher at this point. Though to be honest being on the Tonight Show is a big deal and would have been able to net him a handy profit all the same. This is a show that puts some of the best artists up there on stage to do their thing after all.

3. Spring Breakers – Big Bank

Usually a film like this would be something out of a young, adolescent male’s fantasy, but this is something a little different. The girls in this film somehow get to thinking that crime, drugs, and partying are the life, as you might expect, but instead of it being all about comedy they decide to get off on the danger of it and find their calling. When they get into a fight with a local drug dealer however they soon become a little crazed and take the fight to the dealer, somehow dealing with his gang as bodies line the floor and they finally confront the dealer himself and then steal his car after killing him.

2. Birth of a Nation – Black Moses

Instead of doing what his white master wanted, which was to use his preaching to suppress his fellow black folk, Nate decides to use this as an opportunity to rise up and claim the freedom that he and his people have been wanting for so long. One can’t deny that back in those days the word freedom was a rather odd word to use since it didn’t happen to describe everyone, no matter how educated or valuable they were as people. The uprisings and fighting that went on for freedom was long overdue and as the pot continues to boil one wonders if we’re going to have another movie made of our nation in the same manner in the coming decades.

1. Creed – Lord Knows

It seems only natural that a son of Apollo Creed would be the type of guy to step in the ring with a chip on his shoulder and a great deal of athletic talent that’s just waiting to be unleashed. The only missing piece was Rocky Balboa, who didn’t want to come back at all to begin with. Fortunately he realized that he felt more alive than ever when he was in or even near the ring, and agreed to train Creed to reach his potential.

Meek Mill has a lot to say, there’s no doubt.

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