The Top 5 Best WWE Hell In A Cell Main Events

Since 2009 we have seen Hell In A Cell become a yearly PPV, with feuds being settled inside one of WWE’s most dangerous matches. The likes of Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Triple H, The Undertaker, and Brock Lesnar have all stepped inside Satan’s Structure to battle it out and prove they’re the best. But, which main events were the best of the bunch?

Here are the top 5 best WWE Hell In A Cell main events of all time.

5. Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon (Falls Count Anywhere) – Hell In A Cell 2017

I think we can all agree that Shane McMahon is a lunatic. He has long put his body on the line by performing dangerous moves throughout his WWE career. Whether it is falling off the Titantron, being suplexed through real glass, or the multiple Hell In A Cell bumps he has taken. While most people wouldn’t see a need to step into the ring if you’re the bosses son, Shane feels he has something to prove by having the surname McMahon.

At Hell In A Cell 2017, Kevin Owens took on Shane McMahon in the main event in quite possibly one of the best Hell In A Cell matches of all time. For 39 minutes these two Superstars beat the life out of each other, with weapons being involved, many high-risk spots, even a coast to coast by Shane McMahon, who was 47 years old at the time.

Even without the final moments of the match taking place, we would likely still be talking about this match as being one of the best Hell In A Cell matches of all time, especially in the modern era, but the ending really was the icing on the cake.

The final minutes of the match saw both Owens and McMahon battle on top of the cell, even performing some high impact bumps on top of it, I bet Mick Foley wishes they have the reinforced cell back in 1998. Kevin Owens fell from the cell through the announcer’s table from around halfway up the cell. While this would have been a perfectly fine spot to end the match on, this is Shane McMahon we’re talking about. He climbed back up to the top of the cell before jumping off it, recreating the spot that he did against The Undertaker a year prior at WrestleMania. With the help of Sami Zayn, Owens managed to move out of the way and score the pinfall. We have no idea why Shane McMahon is adamant on putting his body through this level of punishment, but we thank him for it.

4. Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose – Hell In A Cell 2014

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins Hell In A Cell 2014

The Shield debuted in 2012 and instantly became one of the hottest stables in WWE. Consisting of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose, from the off we all knew that each member would become stars in their own right, which they all did. In 2014, Seth Rollins turned his back on his teammates, aligning himself with Triple H and The Authority. At Hell In A Cell 2014, the two former friends squared off inside Satan’s Structure, a true grudge match.

The fight began on top of the cell with Dean Ambrose fending off Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury with a Kendo Stick, before Rollins joined the fight. As with most Hell In A Cell matches, there was the usual off the cell bump through a table, with both Superstars falling halfway down. Both men were put on stretchers to be taken out of the arena, but Ambrose got off his to go back to attacking Rollins before finally taking the fight inside Hell In A Cell.

What followed was as hard-hitting as you would expect, with plenty of chair shots and tables being used. The match ended after the lights went out and Bray Wyatt appeared in the ring, hitting Dean Ambrose with a Sister Abigail.

3. Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship) – Hell In A Cell 2013

Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan will go down in history as 2 of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. They have an impressive 19 World Championship wins between them, with Orton capturing the gold on 14 occasions, and Bryan on 5. At Hell In A Cell 2013, the 2 future Legends squared of inside Hell In A Cell for the WWE Championship with Shawn Michaels serving as the special guest referee.

While not the most brutal Hell In A Cell match in history, the cell was used as an extra layer to help tell the story. When you’ve got 2 of the best wrestlers in the company in terms of pure wrestling ability, you don’t need dangerous spots to make the match memorable. Randy Orton scored the win after interference from Triple H, followed by a Sweet Chin Music to Bryan by HBK. This match took place during Bryan’s underdog story, and he would go on to win the title 6 months later at WrestleMania XXX.

2. Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker – Hell In A Cell 2015

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker Hell In A Cell 2015

At WrestleMania XXX, The Undertaker’s 21-0 streak was finally broken after he suffered his first defeat at WrestleMania at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Overall, the match was incredibly disappointing, especially when considering the calibre of Superstars that were in the match. The Undertaker suffered a concussion very early on which played a large part in the match not living up to expectations. Many fans questioned whether we would ever see The Undertaker in the ring again, and even ‘Taker wondered that himself.

But, 2015 saw The Undertaker set out to redeem himself and prove to himself that he still had what it takes to step inside the squared circle, which included a series of fantastic matches against Brock Lesnar. At Hell In A Cell 2015, the 2 titans squared off one final time, this time inside Hell In A Cell, a throwback to their 2002 encounter at No Mercy.

As expected, there was no need for dangerous spots off the top of the cell, this match was 2 men beating each other up in one of the hardest hitting matches we’ve seen in WWE in quite some time. It was great to see The Undertaker still be able to put on this level of performance, and not have his legacy defined by his WrestleMania XXX performance.

1.Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks (Raw Women’s Championship) – Hell In A Cell 2016

Finally, in the number 1 spot is the first-ever women’s main event at Hell In A Cell as Charlotte Flair took on Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Championship. These 2 Superstars played a large role in the Women’s Revolution, which saw the women finally be taken seriously as competitors. For 22-minutes, Flair and Banks put on a truly classic match that outperformed many of the matches we’ve seen involving male Superstars.

Charlotte Flair may have won the match, but both Superstars won the war as since this match women have gone to main event many PPVs including WrestleMania, with this match showing WWE that they could be relied upon and carry the company.

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