The Surprising Ways Tyson Fury Spends his Millions

The Surprising Ways Tyson Fury Spends his Millions

The Surprising Ways Tyson Fury Spends his Millions

Face it, we’ve heard about celebrities giving money to charities and ‘good causes’ for quite a few years now, and a lot of people do tend to hope that it’s for real and not some type of PR stunt to get the celebrity’s name in the papers and give their reputation a boost. With Tyson Fury, that verdict is still out somehow after it’s been deduced that, according to the fighter, he’s spent most of what he’s earned in the past several years to different charities in order to combat homelessness in his own way. Some would argue that he’s simply stated that he’s giving the money while keeping it and not spending anything, and others want to believe that he’s being entirely honest and charitable and is giving back to the community in order to help out. But until someone actually sits down and asks him, as it’s already happened, and can follow a paper trail leading to the re-housing and feeding of so many that are affected, it’s kind of hard to say in any definitive way that he is as altruistic as he wants to be. It could be that he’s being honest and has in fact donated millions upon millions to one charity or another. It’s not unheard of for celebrities to actually keep their word and do what they’ve said they will do. But many people fall back on the idea that human nature tends to compel us to do for ourselves before doing for others, and to keep enough in reserve to take care of our own needs before worrying over the needs of other people. It sounds selfish and hypocritical in a big way, but it does happen.

Doubting others when they state that they wish to help those who have gone without feels wretched at times since the thought that anyone would seek to help another human being who is down and out is a positive thing, an act that should be praised and copied until humanity finds it possible to realize that helping one another is a better option. But cynicism and doubt are a little too easy to come by for a lot of people, especially when the justification for such things has taken place several times over the years. The idea that celebrities would give away the millions they earn is, to some folks, hard to imagine since trying to get people to part with their money is often seen as incredibly hard unless they have plenty of money that will sustain them in the days and months to come. In other words, many people will gladly donate their money when they have plenty in reserve and can shave some off the top to ‘help’ others and look charitable at the same time. Fury has done what he can thus far to try and make it clear that he’s not helping others for popularity or for the chance to be seen as a saintly character. Instead, it sounds as though he simply wants to help and isn’t trying to make a big deal out of it.

That alone is worth at least the small praise that cynics are often unwilling to give since so many tend to think that there’s something else going on, that a person will only do this when the end result favors them so strongly. But if Fury has an endgame to this it hasn’t been revealed yet, since the whole idea behind giving is that a person is seeking to help another person, or many people, in their time of need. It is very easy to be cynical about this matter since too many celebrities have come and gone throughout the years that have appeared to be genuine when it comes to raising money for a good cause, but judging Tyson on the basis of those that were in it for the fame and the glory that is typically heaped upon people that appear to give without any thought of reward isn’t entirely fair, nor is it wise. People can still give without thinking of what they will receive, and in doing so earn a lot more respect than those that make their donations and their charitable actions public for everyone to see. Celebrities continue to donate and give back to communities and to the people, but the fact is that questioning their motives, and if many of them even realize what they’re giving to, is, unfortunately, going to continue since the equally unfortunate case is that some of them are in it to bolster their reputation and even aim towards winning recognition for being ‘good people’. The act of giving isn’t something that requires reward, and those that do the giving without the need for thanks are typically those who won’t go seeking glory in the headlines.

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