The Seven Winning Desserts Of MasterChef Canada

credit: MasterChef Canada (Season 6)

MasterChef is a reality cooking show featuring amateur home cooks cooking their way to obtain the coveted MasterChef title of their country. There are many MasterChef variants all around the world based on countries. However, MasterChef Canada was among the world’s favorite variants of the said show.

Below, we will have a recap of the dessert creations by the winners of each season of MasterChef Canada, which also served as their final and winning dish in the competition.

Season 1

For some MasterChef Canada fans, it appeared that the judges were forced to be “harsh” because the MasterChef variant on their southern neighbor featured Gordon Ramsay as a judge.

And this attitude was seen until the very last moment of the first season. The judges had been very picky and too critical of the meals up to the last dessert. However, in Eric Chong’s winning dessert, Asian banana split with green tea and red bean ice cream, the viewers saw an aggressively happy Demon Chef.

Season 2

The finale of the second season was a bit of a suspenseful one. It seemed that the father, David Jorge, was about to lose when he forgot to cook his lemon curd before putting it into the fridge. After realizing his mistake, he rushed to fix things.

In the end, he was successful in pulling his lemon curd parfait off. The judges were impressed with how he managed to salvage himself from such an almost-losing position, with judge Claudio even saying, “Are you as surprised as we are that you pulled this off?”

Season 3

The third season saw the happy, cheerful, and energetic Mary Berg. She was a very creative person concerning what she created in the kitchen as well.

Her final dessert, a blueberry financier, was a reflection of her bubbly vibe in the kitchen. Claudio April even compared it to a nice walk on a summer day, pretty much similar to how Mary did in her season.

credit: MasterChef Canada (Season 4)

Season 4

Trevor Connie put up a great fight in the MasterChef kitchen on his season. During the presentation of his dessert to the judges, his opponent, Thea, even confessed to having been pressured to “push herself really hard” due to Trevor’s performance.

His dessert might seem too simple. It looked like a kid just dropped his ice cream cone after buying it from a stall. However, as judge Alvin Leung would remind the participants in some seasons sometimes, “flavor is king.” And the flavors Trevor harmonized in his fallen ice cream cone earned him the fourth MasterChef title in Canada.

Season 5

The finale episode of the fifth season saw two remarkable things. The first one was yet another “fallen” dessert that won, and the second was the youngest person to earn the MasterChef title.

Beccy Stable’s final dessert, a fallen apple panna cotta with a gelée core and dried nuts and fruits, received positive feedback from the judges. Judge Michael commented that the flavors were “familiar yet unique and different,” while Judge Claudio applauded the dessert’s originality.

Season 6

Jennifer Crawford was undoubtedly the most creative and intricate of all the contestants up to the sixth season. So much so that in a challenge in Season 7 where the contestants were to pick inspiration from the winning desserts of the previous six seasons, nobody picked Jennifer’s because of its complexity.

But what is this dessert we’re talking about? Jennifer created a cereal meal. Of course, there’s much more than that. The milk wasn’t poured yet. It was stored in a sealed glass dome where it was smoked with tea.

credit: MasterChef Canada (Season 7)

Season 7

Look how pretty it looks!” – Jen

The seventh season of Canada’s MasterChef brought back some of the contestants from the previous seasons whom the title had “illuded.”

Christopher Siu presented a twist on a Chinese dessert called Mango Pomelo Sago. He added a mango cheesecake foam in an isomalt bag, coconut snow, passionfruit meringue, and lemon sponge.

Siu made a beautiful spectacle even when creating a dessert. He even pulled the liquid nitrogen back, a trick he was notorious for using in his previous season. Once the coconut snow hit the plate, it gave out a beautiful fog.

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