The Reason Why Erika Jayne Was Fired from “Real Housewives”

The Reason Why Erika Jayne Was Fired from “Real Housewives”

Erika Jayne on the red carpet

Before fans clamored for her firing, when Erika Jayne joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at the start of season six, she was a welcome addition to the show. Introduced as a friend of Yolanda Foster, Erika, a singer and actress, brought lots of spunk. On top of that, Erika was married to Tom Girardi, a lawyer involved in the case that inspired the Erin Brockovich movie. Erika and Tom’s divorce has been a major part of her storyline during season 11. In short, she was a bucket full of drama.

Unfortunately for Erika, the end of her marriage wasn’t the only major thing she was going through in 2021. She and Tom were also facing serious legal trouble that left lots of people calling for her to be removed from the cast. But what exactly has Erika Jayne done? Keep reading to learn why Erika Jayne was fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Here’s Why People Want To See Erika Jayne Fired

Erika Jayne of Real Housewives and her ex-husband, Tom Girardi

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi have been of embezzling $2 million worth of settlement funds from family members of the Lion Air Flight 610 crash victims. According to the lawsuit, the Girardis were motivated to embezzle the funds because they were obsessed with maintaining their Beverly Hills lifestyle. During season 11 of RHOBH, some of the cast members shared their reaction to the news, with Garcelle Beauvais saying, “You just can’t imagine this is somebody you know or you spend time with and this is possible.”

Kyle Richards also added, “I have no idea whether this is true or not. But you have to be able to keep an open mind and say, ‘Innocent until proven guilty,’ because I’m going based on the person that I know.

Because of the accusations, lots of viewers demanded that she be fired. Andy Cohen responded to these requests on his radio show, saying there was no point since the entire show had been recorded. This meant viewers continued to see Erika throughout seasons 11 and 12. The question, then, is, if none of this is enough to get her off the show, what will?

Erika Jayne’s Future With The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Remains

Erika Jayne with other cast of Real Housewives


Erika Jayne hasn’t been fired from Real Housewives yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. The network has officially announced she will be a part of the cast for season 13. So viewers will have to deal with her for a few more months. Still, while she’s an assured resource for drama, the core engine of reality TV, there’s still a line. And she’s getting dangerously closer to it.

In an Erika moment in season 12, she repeated a homophobic slur she accused  Kathy of using. Needless to say, lots of viewers did not appreciate that, especially because of her history of colorful phrases. Bravo has stated it will not tolerate hate within its network. If Erika continues to push it, she may utter one word too many to remain on Real Housewives.

In the meantime, her reputation has been damaged beyond repair. Lots of people have already taken to Erika’s Instagram profile to express how they feel in the comments of her posts. An Instagram user named sylviar65 said, “Your acting tonight was horrible and very transparent. I love the way you are using the Housewives forum to play the victim. I’m not buying it.. Especially the crocodile tears you shed while talking to Kyle. You made sure the camera’s captured that….”

Another user name rsmrcr said, “Seeing you on the episode whining is so funny because never once do you show empathy for your victims. It’s ALWAYS about the money you want. I guess the upside is you’re laying your own traps for the feds.” To be fair, though, considering her legal troubles remain ongoing, Erika has probably been instructed not to say certain things. As a result, she may not be able to apologize because that would essentially be admitting guilt. But it won’t stop Erika Jayne from being the most dramatic housewife on Real Housewives.

Erika Jayne Firing Could Happen in a Messy Season 13

Erika Jayne crying on Real Housewives


Sadly, if you’re tired of Erika Jayne’s drama, you will have to wait one more season before it’s over. The singer-actress has spilled some details about the latest season since filming began. On Page Six “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, she penned herself down as the person who gave the least amount of Fs. For those who enjoy her antics, it’s the promise of a good time when the show returns to air.

For Real Housewives fans who are anti-Erika Jayne, there’s no choice but to wait to see if she crosses the line this time. And there’s hope she might. In the same podcast, she named herself as the person “most reckless and offensive.” She has embraced her place as the show’s villain.

Filming has so far ended for the 13th season. As of this writing, Bravo has yet to reveal when a new season will premiere. When a new season does start, it will be without Lisa Rinna. She announced her departure from the show after eight seasons on January 5, 2023, after a difficult season that included the death of her mother.maintaining their Beverly Hills lifestyle

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