I Know What You Did Last Summer TV Show Coming to Amazon

It would appear that if people continue to bank on the success of the first movie that they’re going to simply ignore that the idea of the main movie was eventually played out and things kind of went downhill in a big way. But then if a studio can get anything out of a possible franchise then they’re going to try, and I Know What You Did Last Summer on Amazon isn’t much of a surprise really, but it is enough to make a person roll their eyes. Let’s end the suspense, since the TV show, even if it’s YA, will be about a person chasing down individuals with a hook, or another weapon, and it may or may not be the same dreaded fisherman that became a legend in the first movie. The kids that are bound to be in the show are likely to be a mix of different temperaments, rich, poor, somewhere in between, and likely made neurotic and skittish by the fact that they know that someone is coming after them, even if they don’t know who it is or how they can possibly protect themselves. It’s the same story essentially but told in a way that is less than convincing since it’s been done a few times now and has been kept way too close to the same story that was initially told. What’s even more frustrating is that people are still willing to play it up and that audiences will likely eat it up without questioning why this franchise hasn’t been allowed to simply sit as it is for the time being.

As of now, it feels that people are willing to put on the translucent blinders to simply enjoy an idea that was popular when it first came out but has been overplayed to a huge degree. Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to why the first movie was actually decent and entertaining? There was no doubt that the fisherman that the teens had struck was the one that had come back for them. That part wasn’t hard to figure out. But his method of coming after them was interesting, and the manner in which he killed them off was kind of intriguing as well. Poor Max, played by Johnny Galecki, became crab food at one point, while the four that were responsible were stalked until only two of them remained since of course Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. had to be left alive, as it made for a good hero story at the end. But the fact there were a couple of sequels was worth a groan since the second one was a bit too obvious, and the third one took off in its own direction, making certain that it would be something a little different, even though it became the same thing essentially.

One has to wonder if the era of the dumb, ditzy horror movies is making a comeback and headed straight to TV this time since I Know What You Did Last Summer is definitely one of those that doesn’t require a lot of brainpower to watch, and it definitely caters to those that love horror but aren’t wild about the hardcore effects that are expected to jolt people out of their skin with every jump scare. There was a little more of a visceral scare with the initial movie, while jump scares became the thing that the sequel depended on, as the sinister nature of the fisherman kind of went bye-bye. With a TV show, even one on Amazon, it feels that the dial is going to be lowered even further since this entire idea is kind of one big jump scare that a lot of people are hopefully bound to look at with one eyebrow cocked while saying “C’mon, let’s do the dang thing”. It’s true, I’m not one of those holding out a lot of hope that this show will be any good since, despite the success of the initial movie, there’s really nothing to say that the show is going to exceed expectations unless your expectations happen to be starting at rock bottom. If things go well I’ll definitely have to eat my words, but at this point, the idea of this show taking off in a big way doesn’t really appear to be that likely.

This movie was something that was fun and engaging enough when it first came out, but it hasn’t really held up over the years no matter how many people want to claim otherwise since picking it apart is fairly easy. Maybe this show will be worth the effort, maybe it will be a humongous bomb. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but the prediction right now is that it’s going to be hyped up beyond belief and fall well short of the mark.

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